Ideas to decorate the home porch

Tips to decorate a porch

Having a porch in the home that can be used is undoubtedly synonymous with quality of life. In this room outside of your home, you can enjoy the outdoors and rest. In this way you can enjoy all your home, and not only in the internal part. When the weather is fine, having a porch well decorated and ready to enjoy, it's a great fortune!

No matter the size of your porch, be it bigger or smaller, you can take advantage of it for sure. You just have to have some ideas in mind to get the most out of it and enjoy it. If you do not know how to start, then... read on, because from now on it will be your favorite place!

Think so you will use it

Before thinking about any decorating idea, the most important thing is to think about how you are going to use it. Will it be to read? For resting? To play with your children? To eat a snack when there is good weather? For everything you just read and more? Write on a piece of paper what you want to use your porch for and then read the decorating ideas for your porch and choose the ones that best suit you, with what you want to achieve and how is your porch.

Tips to decorate a porch 1


If you want to use a porch, you will have to be enlightened, especially for the evenings or sunsets that you want to be outdoors and enjoy it. Find a light that matches how you want to use it. For example, if you want to use it to read it will have to be well lit, or If you prefer to use it to disconnect from day to day, a dim light will be more than enough.

Bring the porch to life

Sometimes porches do not have much life for the decoration they have, and even this can make you not want to spend time in it. But this can radically change with small details. You can add pretty plants, flowers, paint the entrance door with a bright color.

Traditional rustic porch

A sofa and a table

If you want to be quiet on your porch, and it is an area of ​​absolute rest, you can add a sofa and a table with plants and flowers around. The sofa will have to be outside and the table with a material resistant to weather factors.

So you can rest whenever you want in this area of ​​your home, which will undoubtedly become the best for you and also for all your guests. Coffee or tea time will already have a predetermined place in your home. And you will love it!

Chairs and a table

If you do not have much space for a sofa but you do feel like sitting outside your house, on your porch. Then add some chairs with a table, you can put two chairs and a table, four chairs and a A table or more if you think you need more and your space allows it.

So, you can enjoy this outdoor area of ​​your home, whether to have a coffee, read a book or take a game of cards with whoever you want. It can also be a wonderful place to have long talks.

Game's zone

If you have children and you want the porch to be a place for them to play and have fun, it is also a good idea. You can add some games for the outdoors like a slide, a children's garden house for them, Shaded areas to keep warm and some seats to rest from the game whenever you want.

And if you also have more space, add chairs and tables for adults who can also enjoy this area. This will be a porch used for the whole family, and well spent!

Plastic enclosures

Add elements of charm

To add elements of charm to your porch you will only have to think with a little creativity. Think of elements that match your personality to add to your porch and fit well into the decor, both in style and in the colors you want to add.

You can choose plants, adornments for the entrance door, small statues such as goblins, m otivos for the walls like butterflies or other elements that you can hang as pictures with motivating phrases.

You can also change a lamp that looks ugly for another with more style, a nice doormat at the entrance and an outdoor rug with cushions if you want to sit on the floor. Put a blackboard to write or draw what you want... The imagination has no limits to get good results in the decoration of your porch!

With all these ideas I am sure that your porch will have its own style and you can enjoy it whenever you want. It will be the relaxation zone of your home and you will love spending time there, either in solitude or in the company of your loved ones.