Ideas to decorate narrow aisles

Narrow aisles in the home

Almost everyone has some Narrow aisle in his house to which he has not yet managed to get the party what he deserves The corridors are places of passage, it is true, and that is why we sometimes leave them last, without worrying that they can be a space that also says a lot about our home and can also contribute to making our house much more welcoming and special.

If you want the narrow corridors become a nice place Let it be a prelude to what you can see in the rooms, then we give you a few ideas to decorate them with charm. Narrow aisles can have a lot of potential if we know with what details to decorate them.

Narrow aisles with mirrors

Use mirrors in the spaces

I suppose that at this point everyone will know the trick of the mirrors to increase the sensation of light and space in the small rooms. It is not an urban legend, and that is that by adding mirrors we will have the feeling that the corridors are no longer so narrow, because they reflect light and spaces. If we add good lighting and light tones we will have a hallway that suddenly will not seem so narrow.

All to the white

Hallways in white

This is another of the tricks with which to expand spaces for those who have a certain claustrophobia. He white color multiplies the spaces and they seem more spacious, bright and welcoming. We can also choose the softest tones, with pastel colors to give a touch of color to these corridors. In this case we see that they are decorated corridors in Nordic style, which gives them a total simplicity. Basic furniture made of wood and textiles with little color or geometric patterns.

Furniture for small hallways

Small furniture

In the narrowest corridors too you can add some furniture that is functional. No doubt we should think of a piece of furniture that occupies little width, even if it is tall. Racks if it is the area of ​​the entrance, or a narrow bank. Also a console that is not very wide can be very useful in these areas of passage.

Test with the stripes

Decorate with stripes

Another way you have to make these narrow corridors have a different style and look long and wider are the stripes. They will give us a sense of length and it is a very funny way to surprise everyone who enters the hall. The wide stripes are the most worn. In this way we will be able to add a bit of color to the walls and we will be able to play with these stripes, both to add paintings and to serve as a contrast with furniture or textiles.

Use beautiful carpets

Textiles for the corridor

A hallway can also be dressed with beautiful textiles . The carpets for the corridors can be great allies when it comes to giving a more cozy touch to these spaces. Elongated carpets that can be achieved with the desired size or the great round colored carpets, which are a little more dynamic and fun, as well as being easier to clean and change due to their size.

Add a little color

Add color at home

Although we are in a narrow corridor, we do not have to stop using a bit of color in it. He colorful always happy and makes the stay more vivacious and cozy. We have many things to paint. From the walls, which can be painted by the mita, to the furniture, the doors, the ceiling or even the wooden floors. Playing with paint is a great idea when decorating the house, and it offers great possibilities to give a different touch to any space, however small it may be.

Use picture compositions

Pictures for the walls

The Picture compositions are still fashionable, so the corridor is a good place to unleash our most artistic style. As you can see in these corridors, they use a background in a light and neutral tone, so that the pictures stand out a little more, but the walls can be equally white. The paintings are not arranged in a homogeneous or symmetrical way, but the irregularities are taken, always with a certain coherence in the style of the paintings so that it does not seem like a meaningless amalgam. Choose frames that have something in common, for example that are black and white, and frames that have the same style, although they have different shades or sizes.

A different lighting

Lighting with garlands

We can make the corridor a very different and special place of passage. A corridor with a lot of personality for the most bohemian houses will undoubtedly have a unique lighting . Lanterns, garlands and candles can be a good idea for these corridors. You have to make sure that the space is not very dark, since the problem of these corridors is usually a great lack of lighting.