Ideas to decorate cottages

Country houses

The country houses They are always attractive and welcoming. Contribute to it both the environment and the materials and finishes used in its construction and subsequent decoration. The stone, wood, fibers and natural fabrics give a warmth to each of the rooms and invite you to relax.

When you imagine a country house, think of a stone exterior and an interior in which timber It takes on a great prominence through architectural elements such as beams and pieces of furniture. Think also of neutral colors and decorative elements such as ladders, farming implements, ceramic dishes and wicker baskets.

Stone, exposed brick, wood... These and other materials influence that special atmosphere that is created in country houses. So does the decadent appearance of some corners and pieces of furniture recovered. Simplicity and richness of details are the key to country houses.


Another important aspect of the country houses is their naturalness. Neutral colors like white and washed wood, they help us to create an environment that invites us to relax. Natural fabrics also contribute to this: the wool blankets on the sofa or the linen sheets in soft colors that dress the bed.

These are some of the general characteristics of the country houses whose decoration, however, differs according to their location. A rural house in the interior of Asturias is not decorated in the same way as a country house in Ibiza. Even so, there are general features that can help you get a general idea on how to decorate each of your rooms:

Kitchen and dining room

In kitchens of country houses it is usual to find work furniture in which storage solutions and appliances are embedded. In the past, curtains were also common, but today we prefer to expose open storage solutions. In fact, in many of these kitchens, high modules are usually dispensed with to replace these with showcases or simply shelves to expose the dishes.

Kitchens of cottages

Bet on natural stone or wood countertops and porcelain sinks if you want to recreate a classic country kitchen. And as we mentioned earlier, leave the crockery and utensils in sight . Place on the shelves of the kitchen a beautiful porcelain tableware and hang the wooden or copper utensils that you use most under them

Country houses: dining rooms

The dining rooms that often share space with the kitchen are usually decorated with tables and chairs in a rustic style. A solid wood table surrounded by chairs painted black, white or pastel, is usually the most frequent option. Combine chairs with different designs or chairs with benches and you will achieve a dining room that will not leave anyone indifferent. And to give the final touch to the dining room decorates the table with bouquets of wild flowers, freshly picked.


In a country room the fireplace acquires a great prominence; warm the evenings and the coldest nights. If you do not have a fireplace, however, you can use other elements to recreate the country style that we are looking for. I bet you comfortable sofas and armchairs in raw tones, stones and toasted and decóralos with many cushions in tone or contrast.

Country houses: living room

I bet you Wooden furniture to decorate the room; the dressers and side tables in this material are always a great alternative. Invests in handmade accessories made with natural materials such as raffia or jute. And you saw the floor with warm carpets; If the soil is stone in winter you will appreciate it.


The key to decorating this room is simplicity. Furniture, the necessary ones, not one more. A bed, a small table and a wardrobe are usually enough to furnish the room. Both prominence and furniture will have the textiles; carpets will always have a privileged place and we will bet on bed linen made of natural materials such as linen or cotton.

Country houses: bedrooms

Neutral tones will also predominate in the bedrooms, with white being the preferred color for painting the walls. A white color that will enhance natural light, a key element to achieve that freshness of the bedrooms of the cottages. Avoid curtains or light curtains in light colors that allow entry and do not prevent you from enjoying the outdoors.


In the bathrooms of the cottages it is usual today to combine rustic furniture with modern fittings and toilets. The furniture of work here also take a big role. Bet on a cement countertop and some countertop washbasins of stone to achieve a magazine bath.

country houses: bathrooms

The decorative stairs To hang towels, wooden stools and wicker baskets for clothes are essential in the bathrooms and bathrooms of modern cottages. Nor should a large mirror be missing; a modern one without a frame. In addition to plants or vases with fresh flowers to provide freshness.

Outdoor spaces

If we like the country houses for something, it is the natural environment that surrounds them. To enjoy it, it is enough to create a simple outdoor space with some shade in which we can sit down to eat or rest. A large table and some fiber or forged furniture On the porch, it's all you need. Bet on resistant furniture if you want to have them outdoors all year round and invest in mattresses and cushions to make them as comfortable as possible.

Country houses: outdoor spaces

Complete this outdoor living room with some lanterns that illuminate the summer nights and many flowers . Bet on jasmine, bougainvillea and other climbers to close the space and escape from the sun when you need it. Also place some plants in terracotta pots or decorated pottery of different sizes, your porch will look!

Do you now have more clear how to decorate a country house? Inspire yourself in the images of country houses that we have selected to be successful.