Ideas to create a sewing corner in your home

Sewing corner

Would you like to have your own sewing corner ? Adapting a little corner of the house to enjoy this hobby during your free time is possible! It is not necessary to have a specific room for it, just make the most of one of our rooms.

Not all of us have enough space at home to set up a sewing studio. But we probably have a free wall in the living room, bedroom or study where we can create a mini workshop. What is the best place to create it? What do we need? How do we organize it? These are questions that we help you solve today in Decoora.

Hobbies or hobbies serve to keep stress at bay. Whoever has a hobby has a fantastic tool to disconnect from their daily routine. There are some hobbies that also allow us to achieve it without leaving home . Having a small corner of sewing in which to isolate and create is the dream of many fans of this work. And it's not an impossible dream, we just have to know where to start.


  • 1 Choose the right space
  • 2 What do you need? Make a list and go shopping
  • 3 Organize sewing supplies

Choose the right space

What rooms of our house offer us the possibility of creating a corner of sewing? It will depend on the size of each space and its use, whether or not it is appropriate to install your mini-workshop. A corner in the living room can be ideal if you want to share those moments of leisure with your family. On the other hand, if you prefer a quiet and intimate space, the bedroom may be a better option.

Sewing Corner 1

The guest room, the studio or the garage - if equipped - can also be a good place to create a study corner. Choose the place you choose you must keep in mind that you will have to adapt the new corner to the style of the room, combining the textures and colors of the furniture. In certain spaces it may also be important visually separate this new zone of others destined to rest or work. How? With a change of color in the wall or a carpet that physically delimits the space.

What do you need? Make a list and go shopping

A priori seems complicated to create a sewing corner without sewing machine, needles, threads , scissors and other sewing accessories. Make an objective list of your needs taking into account the type of work you usually do. Do not go shopping yet; in addition to a basic sewing machine, you will need:

Sewing corner 2

  • Proper illumination . Sewing requires precision, hence lighting plays such an important role in this space. Placing the sewing corner next to a window will allow you to take advantage of natural light during the day, giving you a breath in your sight. When the sun goes down, a lamp with a powerful white light can supply natural light. A flexo with a steerable arm is one of the most practical alternatives.
  • A desk or table. You will need a table in which to install the sewing machine, but also a surface wide enough to play with the patterns and cut the fabrics. If the space is not very wide an extendable and / or folding table is always a good alternative; it will not occupy just space when you are not using it. Another possibility is to organize your sewing space around a large central table with drawers. It will allow you to move around in comfort, offering you greater comfort when facing grades of projects. And if you have wheels, you can always pick it against the wall once the work is finished.

Sewing corner 3

  • A good chair. You may spend several hours a day sitting on it so make sure it is comfortable. Choose one with backrest; will allow you to maintain a good position and protect your back.
  • And to save... Shelves, drawers and boxes. There are many tools needed in a sewing workshop: threads, ribbons, ribbons, patterns... Over the years the collection will tend to be voluminous and only a good organization will allow us to maintain order.

Organize sewing supplies

How do we organize our sewing tools? As we have already advanced to have a shelf is essential in a space as well. In it we can organize the rolls of cloth, as well as the scraps to have them on hand when we need them. We can optimize the space of this incorporating in addition boxes or canteens where we can organize them by colors, so that it is easier to find what we are looking for.

Sewing corner 4

On the shelf you can also organize the magazines and organize the patterns in filing cabinets. Some glass jars, threaded they can also become your best allies for saving buttons, tapes and other small materials that you use every day. What is not used frequently, as well as the most delicate sewing material, it is preferable to store it in drawers, to reduce the visual noise of the space.

Having neat needles, threads, laces and lace trim will allow you to work in comfort . You will avoid frustrations derived from not being able to find what you need and the work will advance at a good pace. Do you have now as clear as create and organize your sewing corner

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