Ideas to create a greenhouse at home

Greenhouse at home

More and more people are To have a small orchard , So that they have their plants and vegetables reared by themselves, something much more ecological and special. It is a way to take care of the environment and to know exactly where it comes from what we eat, since we have cultivated it. So it's a great idea to create a greenhouse at home.

A Home greenhouse Can help us save money because we will be planting our stuff, and also helps us eat much healthier. We make sure that they are fruits and vegetables of ecological creation, avoiding the chemicals that are so present today in the mass productions that must last a long time to reach the consumer. Below we tell you the advantages of having a greenhouse at home and the ways we have to get it.

Benefits of a greenhouse at home

Greenhouse at home 1

If we want to have a greenhouse at home, the truth is that we will see each other Benefited with many advantages Interesting The home greenhouse can be very economical, because it can be made with simple materials such as wood and plastic, although there are also more durable and interesting versions for the larger gardens, with glass greenhouses and metal structures.

These greenhouses help us to plant vegetables and vegetables out of season , Which is its main advantage. We can have all kinds of vegetables to eat and even flowers if we wish. The greenhouse protects plants from extreme weather conditions. Frost, cold, heavy rain or hail, which is what spoils them many times.

Another interesting advantage is that the Plant growth is usually accelerated In the greenhouses, since they receive much more heat and they have an ideal climate for the growth. It is a way of raising our own plants and vegetables respecting the environment. And we can enjoy different sizes and models of greenhouses.

Materials for a home greenhouse


The home greenhouse is a perfect idea for everyone, and can also be used Materials that are not expensive . Wood is one of them, and is that with wood we can make a structure resistant to heat and also durable and recyclable, perfect for a greener greenhouse. Plastic is what usually covers these greenhouses, because it is cheaper than using glass. The structure can also be made of plastic or metal.

In the case of Greenhouses bought Which are easily assembled, the structure is made of plastic that is easily assembled. In this case we see a great idea in a small greenhouse that has hinges in an upper area to be able to open it when we need to work on it. This way you do not have to move the plastics or disassemble it and it is very easy to plant things in it. If we have woodwork, it is certainly one of the simplest and most beautiful options.

Recycled Home Greenhouse

Recycled Greenhouse

The recycled materials Are always a great idea to save and to care for the environment, because we generate much less waste. In this case they have chosen two large plastic boxes used in the industry and have used a simple structure of metal and plastic to make mini greenhouses in the garden. Inside there is a plastic structure with separators, ideal to be able to plant different things with separation. It is a fairly rudimentary greenhouse, but it is quite spacious and does not need many materials to create it. So everyone can do something like this for their vegetables.

Small scale greenhouse

Small greenhouse

One of the things we can find today in urban households is Small orchards at home . In this case they have even created a small greenhouse that we can have in the kitchen area to plant aromatic herbs and other things that do not occupy too much. It is a way of planting some things and having a garden of your own, something that is motivating and interesting, but certainly will not give us the space to plant vegetables or large plants that need space to grow. They are usually used for plants used for seasoning and for flavoring such as parsley, thyme or rosemary. There are decoration shops like Ikea that already sell their small versions of greenhouse for home. Although we can also create them ourselves with furniture with glass showcases and even with plastic bottles.

Original greenhouse

Original greenhouse

There are many Greenhouse ideas for home . In this case we see a greenhouse purchased, with a metallic structure and a style that is almost futuristic, dome-shaped. It is a beautiful greenhouse, which not only fulfills its function, but also decorates the garden and can be used as a relaxation space, since the temperature will always be higher in it.

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