Ideas to create a fun decoration with balloons

Balloon decoration

We have a party soon and we can not think of anything, well, balloons always evoke festivities, so they're a great idea. In addition, today there are many inspirations available, so the Decoration with balloons can be more original And personalized than ever. You can choose colors, sizes, textures and all kinds of ideas to decorate your party.

There are many different ideas so we will try to sort things out. We will give you ideas for Children's parties with balloons Fun, and others for weddings, with balloons that can give a dreamy and romantic touch to everything. In addition, you have many online resources to learn how to decorate parties with balloons and to find many models, so take advantage of them.

What balloons to choose


If we are going to choose balloons, we can see the Online catalogs of many stores , Because the truth is that we have all kinds of ideas. From the simplest, the usual, with various colors to those with metalized tones, which have a sophisticated touch, transparent with ribbons and confetti inside, which are very festive, those that have stamped like stripes or polka dots and those that have Heart shape for example.

Nowadays the variety of balloons is very wide, but above all we have to choose Inflate with helium For a simple reason. The helium keeps them floating at the party, while if we fill them with oxygen they will fall to the ground. It seems silly but it is a really important detail, finding a way to fill them with helium so they stay swollen longer and stay elevated.

Where to buy balloons

Balloons at parties

You can go to large areas or to Party specialty shops . But certainly the easiest and what we recommend is that you look for stores online with things for parties, where you will find not only many models of balloons to inspire you, but also ribbons to add them and other decorations like garlands or bases to put them. In these stores we can enjoy a lot of inspiration to make the parties perfect. Balloons can be put in many ways, mixed and added ribbons and fringes, and all this will only find in stores specializing in things for parties.

Tutorials with balloons

It is not always necessary, but on many occasions we want to do something spatial with the balloons. Either make shapes either arrange them in a fun way or simply decorate them to make them something new. There are very creative people who can already think of a thousand ideas, but there are those who need help to think of new ideas. In this case we can use the Great online tutorials In which we find many ways to decorate and mix those balloons.

There are Step-by-step tutorials for ballooning With elongated balloons, ideal for children's parties, but there are also ideas for making dolls or authentic canvases by mixing colored balloons. In this case we can follow the instructions and a template to make these things so fun. We can also find how to decorate a sweet table with balloons and other ideas. So we can surprise the guests with a party decorated in a very professional way.

Original balloons

Fun balloons

This is a great idea for a children's party . It is about making animals with colored balloons. They simply need cards in different shades, glue and a black label and you can make all the animals that you can think of. An easy idea and that children will love at their children's party.

Balloons for children's parties

Original balloons

These are very interesting ideas for Decorate children's parties . There are those who create giant dolls with balloons, and in this case they have been inspired by the sea floor to make a party very original. With many balloons mixed and tied together they have created a huge canvas with a fish and octopus, as if we were in the sea. This requires a great deal of patience and hard work, but the result can be spectacular.

Wedding balloons

Balloons at weddings

Today balloons can also be a Good idea to decorate at weddings , To give a romantic and dreamy touch to the spaces. Usually balloons are used in shades like pink, white or gold. In addition, there are giant balloons, which carry other balloons or confetti inside, which have a very special festive air. These balloons can be used to decorate the ceremony or a specific area, such as the photocall.

Balloons on the sweet table

Balloons and parties

The Sweet tables are the order of the day , So we also have to know how to decorate them. Balloons can help us decorate these tables with that special festive touch. We can add fruit baskets that look like air balloons, but there are many more ideas. Make a center with the balloons, or add large balloons to the sides of the table or the walls, making shapes.

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