Ideas of dried flowers for your decoration

decorate with dry flowers

Many people like flowers, but also when they are dry. Undoubtedly they have an extraordinary beauty that can not be overlooked. In addition, dried flowers can also be very useful in terms of home decoration, creating a warm, cozy and elegant.

Instead of spending a large amount of money on a new decoration, why not use dried flowers to add a bit of intrigue and extravagance to your interior spaces? The dried flowers are creating beautiful styles in many homes, you can also get it!

Yes, the flowers dry are dead flowers... but that does not take away their beauty, they are still beautiful and create personality in your home. You can use any of the ideas that we give you below to decorate your house with dried flowers, choose the one you like most or all of them! They are simple ideas so you can prepare them as soon as you have your dried flowers.

Tips for drying flowers

First of all, if you want to decorate with dried flowers... you have to learn to dry them! So do not miss these tips to have some beautiful dried flowers that last you, forever!:

  • The flowers dry better when they are hung upside down (prevents the stems from bending at the top or the petals flattening to one side). However, gravity has an effect and significantly reduces the size of the flowers with the petals facing downwards. As the flowers dry, spread the petals manually from time to time to help them maintain shape.
  • Put them to dry in a place away from direct light and that it has little humidity.
  • You can use wire to hang the stems and secure it at the end of the stem with tape. All plants shrink as they dry and they can detach from materials that were initially tied comfortably around them, so the tape can give security to ensure that they do not fall. Once the stem is dry enough to support the weight of the flower, put it in a vase where the flowers will continue to dry.
  • Varieties of plants that are not floral do not put them upside down, Leave them in a vase without water or put them sideways on a flat surface.

decorate with dried flowers 1

Decorate with dried flowers

Dry flowers in a vase

To decorate with dried flowers, the simplest is the most effective. For that reason, look for a beautiful vase that fits with your decoration and with the dried flowers that you want to put on your stay to decorate. It can be a more or less large vase depending on the size of the flowers or whether it is a bouquet of dried flowers or simply some dried flowers.

It is not necessary that you put water in the vase, Obviously, the flowers are dry and dead, so you will not have any problem if you forget to change the water, because there simply will not be any!

dried flowers in pot

A straw bag hanging on the wall

Do you know what are the typical straw or esparto bags to go to the beach or the countryside? If you have an old one that you hardly use, you can put a cork stopper in the middle of the bag and put the dried flowers with the stem stuck in the cork. So, They will stand out from the bag and will be very attractive with a cozy and quite rural appearance.

Of course, you will need plenty of dried flowers to create a good effect with the flowers and make everything look beautiful. The ideal is to hang the bag on the wall next to the entrance of the house or next to the patio door. It is a timeless and very elegant decoration.

Small glass boats

If you like minimalist decoration, then this idea is for you. You do not need many flowers or much space. Simply choose small transparent glass jars, which have the shape that you like best and put some dried flowers inside that are well placed inside the glass jar.

Then place the glass jar anywhere in your home that is colorful and you can see the beauty of the boat and the dried flowers inside it. It can be a shelf, a shelf, above the fireplace, on a small table (better if it's two or three glass jars if you want to put them on a table to decorate), etc.

dried flowers to decorate

You can take a little time to get the flowers inside the glass jar exactly how you like it, but once the goals in the bottle will never be removed. When you have achieved it, it is impressive and you will also have the personal satisfaction of having done it yourself.

From now on you can have a wonderful decoration with dried flowers! Do you know how to put them in your home?