Ideas for original bedside tables

Ideas for original bedside tables

The bedside tables are an indispensable piece of furniture for any bedroom. The bedside tables are necessary and very practical. They are like landing platforms for many of our things like mobile phones, books, handkerchiefs, reading glasses, water bottles... But they rarely have original or varied designs. It seems that we are accustomed to that the tables are always the same, that is to say, a table with four legs and sometimes, with drawers.

It does not always have to be that way for the little tables you put next to the headboard of your bed. You can have them of the most original and also adding personality to your home. If you're missing ideas for having some original nightstands in your bedroom, then read on. to inspire you and choose the bedside tables you like the most and adapt to your interests and the decorative style of your bedroom.


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    • 1.1 Wooden boxes
    • 1.2 Stools
    • 1.3 Old Sewing Machines
    • 1.4 Antique suitcases
    • 1.5 A desk
    • 1.6 Folding chairs
    • 1.7 Various tables

Ideas for bedside tables for your bedroom

Wooden boxes

Look for recycled wooden boxes to have a good bedside tables. File the roughest parts, paint the wood of the color that fits best for your bedroom (or leave the original wood color if you like more) and enjoy your new piece of furniture. It will bring an informal and fresh style to your bedroom and also you can add some planks on top if that is what you need.

Chairs in modern style


They can be industrial stools or other stools. What matters is that the stools (most of them) can adjust their size so that it is right next to the pillow of your bed and so, be able to have your little table nearby and use it comfortably every night. You will not have drawers, but a surface to put your things.

Old Sewing Machines

The old sewing machines have a beauty and elegance difficult to repeat. You may have an old sewing machine in your garage, in your storage room or anywhere else. Maybe she has a known or familiar at home and does not use it... Be that as it may, if you can get an old sewing machine, you can have some of the most special bedside tables.

Chairs in the bedroom

These types of sewing machines can have an ideal role for rustic, vintage, traditional or contemporary rooms. What matters is that you like the effect that will leave next to your bed and also, are useful and practical for you.

Antique suitcases

Antique suitcases can create a spectacular nightstand when stacked on top of each other. The height can be varied by adding or subtracting suitcases. In addition, having space inside can be most practical because you can keep items you want to have on hand in your suitcases, as independent drawers. This type of combination of elements to create some original bedside tables can fit in any type of decorative style, since you will have to look for a suitcase design that fits with the decoration of your bedroom.

You can even paint the bags with a color that fits your bedroom if your original color is not the most suitable for the decorative style of your room.

Creative bedside tables for girls

A desk

If you have enough space and you are also a multitasker it is possible that adding a desk as a bedside table in your bedroom is a great idea for you. Adding a desk is another way to save space while you can have the accommodation of different needs. Like most desktop surfaces quite high, you will need a head a little higher than normal.

Folding chairs

Folding chairs can create an excellent nightstand and can also be used as a seat if needed or stored under the bed or behind the door if you need space in the place where they are located. Because they are generally compact, folding chairs are especially useful in small rooms. They can be chairs of different materials like folding chairs of wood, of plastic, of metal... It will depend on your personal tastes that you decide for one or the other.


Various tables

They can be tables of different sizes, materials and even styles. What matters most is that the size fits the space you have next to the bed and that serves as a bedside table. You can choose for example a small rustic table that serves as a bedside table, an old table you want to recycle and put to your liking.

There are many options you can find to have some original bedside tables, you just have to think about what your needs are and the options that you have available or that you can get. Although if you want traditional tables with drawers and a good design, you only have to buy them where you like.

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