Ideas for decorating with garlands

Decorate with garlands

The garlands are no longer used only for the holidays. Today they are a More decorative element , Which has been incorporated in many spaces to give a more fun and festive atmosphere. It is a decorative accessory that we can find in many ways to put in countless places of our home.

Today we are going to give you a few Decorating ideas with garlands . Because they serve to frame spaces, to delimit areas and also to brighten environments. There are themes, for certain times of the year, and also of many subjects and materials, so we must compile a few ideas to know which is the most suitable for us.

Garlands of pennants in the nursery


We start with the most viewed and shared garlands. We refer to the Flags garlands Which have become viral in children's spaces, and is that they are very beautiful and can be found in virtually any color. They are garlands that add the joyful and festive touch to the children's room and at the same time allow us to frame a specific area of ​​the room. We can place them next to a shelf, to highlight a sheet on the wall, or to highlight the area of ​​the head of the bed. These flags are easy to find, but the best thing is that we can also make them at home easily. We choose the fabrics, we cut the triangles and we only have to sew them in a strip of fabric to match. This is a great idea, because this way we can have pennants to match some other element, such as a cushion.

Garlands for the playroom

Garlands in playground

If there is a place where we should create a Dynamic and fun environment Is in the children's playroom. That's why garlands are a great idea for these spaces. In this case we see the typical garlands with pennants, but there are many other ideas today. From garlands with pompoms to others made with balls of wool or wooden balls.

Garlands for the garden

Garlands for the garden

During the summer season we use a lot of terraces and Exterior areas of the home . That's why garlands are a great idea in these cases. They help us to decorate not only at specific times, but throughout the season. The garlands of lights are in these cases very practical because they offer a dim light if we do not have illumination in this zone of the house. They are LED lights of low consumption that also do not get heated so they have no risk at all.

Lights garlands

Garlands of lights

Also used for the interior of the home are these Garlands of lights . Especially in the winter season, in which they contribute a much warmer touch. These garlands can be placed in the headboard area of ​​the bed or wherever we can. At night they will undoubtedly be the protagonists of the house. And the good thing about this element is that it is so light that we can change it whenever we want.

Ball Garlands

Ball Garlands

Other garlands that have become popular for decorating spaces are balls. They are Colorful balls Which in the vast majority of the time are illuminated at night. They are in one or several colors and there are in many stores, because now they are trend, so do not hesitate to add them to the room, because they give a lot of charm.

Garlands of pompoms

Garlands with pompoms

If you like Crafts with pompoms Here's another one, and you can make soft, colorful garlands with pom-poms. It is another of the modalities of garlands that are given today with this trend. Becoming so popular have appeared wreaths made with all kinds of materials, from paper to wool and crochet.

Paper fringed wreaths

Fringed garlands

These garlands have also been popularized recently, and are very decorative for any party or corner of the house. They can be done with Color papers , Cutting a folio paper in strips, leaving an uncut part. It is rolled up and placed in the garland. It is really easy and it is a very colorful garland for any event.

Original garlands with paper

Cactus garlands Cloud Garlands

If you have some time and Cardboard or quality paper , You can always make garlands with all sorts of shapes. This is ideal for a themed party, but also to decorate the home with motifs that we like. Whether it be clouds, stars, cacti or whatever comes to mind, it may be a great idea to dedicate an afternoon to make a unique and personalized garland, as original as the ones we show you. They can stick or sew, that already depends on each one.

Garlands with message

Garlands with message

We finish with garlands that we love, because besides decorating, Throw a message . These garlands can also be made at home, of course, so that we can customize the message for the room, in this case the children's bedroom.

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