Ideas for decorating the house with wooden shelves


Wooden shelves are one of the most practical decorative accessories that exist today and can never be missing in your home. With this element you can make the most of your stay in the house, such as the living room, the kitchen or the bedroom. If you want to get a real party to these wonderful accessories, do not lose detail and take good note of the best ideas to decorate your home with nice wooden shelves.

Above the sofa

Forget the classic picture and put an elegant wooden shelf on the sofa in the living room. Choose a color that fits the rest of the decoration of the house and you can put on it complements like some kind of vase, plant or sculpture. It is a very easy and simple way to give a different touch to the living room of your house. You can also choose to recycle wooden boxes and reuse them as original wooden shelves in which to put decorative elements.



The wooden shelves are very practical in an area of ​​the house as is the bathroom. If you decide to put it next to the sink, you can take advantage of it to put in the same diverse objects of the bathroom and personal hygiene as is the case of towels, colonies or hand soap. Another excellent option is to put a wooden shelf above the bathroom entrance door and take advantage of the space to store towels and other objects such as toilet paper. As you can see there are many ways to use the wooden shelves in a room of the house as important as the bathroom.



In many cases the bedroom is not as big as we would like and we have to make space wherever we can. In this case you can replace the bed headboard with a practical wooden shelf. This shelf can make the night table function and store in the same objects that are useful to you while you are in bed . In such a way you will have much more space in the room and will look much more spacious and tidy.



Another interesting idea with wooden shelves is to use them as a library for the living area. It is a very economical and quite practical decorative solution that will help you to have your books perfectly sorted. You can take advantage of the light from the outside to get a good lighting or put a series of light fixtures to have some artificial light.



Wooden shelves are also very useful in an area of ​​the house as the kitchen. Thanks to these shelves you can gain space and store objects and typical kitchenware. You can take advantage of the furniture to put several shelves and place from bottles to other types of products and save space. Shelves can serve as pantry to make the most of the whole site. Another excellent idea is to put a long shelf with compartments to be able to put some of the kitchen utensils such as teapots or cups. The high area of ​​the kitchen can also be taken advantage of and avoid the use of too high cupboards. These shelves do not impede the passage of light from the outside and help to make the stay look much larger.


Make a wooden shelf by hand

If you are a little handy and do not panic about the DIY theme, you can dare to make your own wooden shelf to put it in the bathroom. For this you will need a wooden board about two centimeters thick and with the same width as the bathroom sink. The first thing to do is to make three holes of about 2 cm in diameter to put some pots that give the bathroom a natural touch. After making the holes, you should apply a coat of primer sealer. Leave to dry and then you can give a coat of paint to the whole shelf. All that remains is to fix the board to the bathroom wall. For this you can use some squares that help you to place it balanced with respect to the wall. Put the pots and you have the wooden shelf to decorate the bathroom of your house.

I hope you have paid close attention to all these ideas and know how to use a wooden shelves when storing different objects in your home as well as giving a decorative touch to it. It is a practical accessory for the house that will help you to make the most of the space of some of the rooms of the house. As you can see, You can use them in the place of the house that you prefer, from the living room to the kitchen.

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