Ideas for creating a beautiful birthday decoration

Sweet table

Birthdays are becoming more beautiful and there are great ideas online to create a birthday decoration that leaves everyone surprised. Today we are going to review a few things that we can do to make a birthday totally special and unforgettable for everyone.

We are going to give you some advice and ideas so that the birthday decoration have all the ingredients to be very special. The decoration is also an important part, since if you are careful it will create a festive atmosphere and will be perfect to make lots of photos of that day.


  • 1 Choose colors
  • 2 Theme party
  • 3 Find all the elements
  • 4 Create a sweet table
  • 5 Put a photocall
  • 6 Party in the garden
  • 7 Classic Games

Choose colors

Sweet table 1

If we want the birthday to have a nice look, we should focus on one or two colors to decorate. In this way everything will have harmony and will be very conjunct, offering a common vision much more beautiful. In the online stores in which they sell articles for parties are usually ordered by colors to buy everything together. You can find many things in the same tones and stick to them so that everything is much more beautiful. The pastel tones are ideal for children's and babies' parties, while the most intense colors are perfect for adult parties, especially golden or silver, which are very festive.

Theme party

Sweet table 2

One of the most common things lately is to create a great theme party . In these parties we have a theme and everything revolves around it. It is ideal for a children's party, since children always like something, whether superheroes, pirates or princesses. In this way we will make a party adapted to your children's tastes. But there are also theme parties for adults, such as a Mexican party or a vintage style party. There are a thousand ideas that we can put into practice, looking for decoration that addresses these issues. In this way we can also make people go in disguise and have fun.

Find all the elements

Birthday Complements

When preparing a party the first thing to do is a list with everything we need. From plastic tableware to glasses, drinking straws, jars, tablecloths, napkins and other items such as garlands or balloons to help us decorate. It is easy to find everything together in the online shops of parties, where you will find party kits even by theme. They make it very easy, so that you can decorate any type of party in the simplest way.

Create a sweet table

Sweet table

Sweet tables are in vogue, and certainly are a great idea for any party. It allows you to have sweets and snacks without people sitting, so the party becomes much more dynamic and informal. To decorate a sweet table we should also focus on one or two colors and try to make everything go together, so that the set looks nice. It is often done on different levels so that everything looks, with the cake in the upper and central area. In the background we can put balloons or garlands to congratulate the birthday.

Put a photocall


This is another of the latest ideas that can also be seen in any celebration, not just at birthdays. In a photocall will put a fun background to take photos, and all who go to the birthday will want to go through it. There are already kits of accessories for taking photos, and we can buy funny hats, boas of pens and other accessories. If the party is also thematic we will have to buy accessories that have to do with the theme.

Party in the garden

Birthday outdoors

Another option that may be interesting is the to have an outdoor party , in the garden. In this case we will have to take into account the weather, since if it is sunny we must put umbrellas or awnings so that people have shady areas to be. The decoration in the garden area can be simple, with tables and chairs, and everything in picnic mode, more informal. We can also use party kits with colorful crockery and stick to a theme. When it comes to putting a birthday decoration in the garden we must also keep in mind that we have to put lighting in case it is done at night. Garlands or lights can give a very nice touch to the garden during the party.

Classic Games

If we are talking about a children's birthday or even older ones, we can have prepared some fun games to entertain everyone. We can v return to the classic games , children play hide and seek or games such as hoops, water balloons in summer or the mythical stone, paper scissors. We can decorate a play area with some toys so that that area is pending to play. In the case of adults we can also create a petanque field, put some darts or some game that people like.

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