Ideas for a serene double bedroom

Bedroom marriage white

The daily stress to which we are subjected continuously makes us have the need to have a bedroom to help us to be relaxed, calm and above all to fall asleep with a sense of calm and tranquility. All this can be achieved taking into account some details in the bedroom decoration that although they seem small details will help you to have a serene bedroom.

It will have to take into account mainly two elements, the colors for both the walls and other elements and the material of the furniture, in addition and of course to maximize natural light. Do you want to have a bedroom that transmits serenity? Do not lose detail!

The first thing you have to keep in mind is that the furniture That you have should have sufficient capacity of storage and that this way you do not have your personal objects and your belongings anywhere. In a double bedroom not only clothes should be stored in place, everything else as well.


It is also important that you consider the color Of the walls of the double bedroom, a cold shades combined in white would be great. For example the walls in blue with the ceiling and the white accessories is great, you can even decorate the wall with stripes of different blue for example with three shades passing through a pale blue until reaching the grayish blue. But the color I leave to your free choice since it is something very personal.

Putting a stool or trunk at the foot of the bed in a double bedroom, although you think it will take too much space in your room, what it does really is to help you gain comfort since you can store blankets or place your bed cushions every night .

For curtains I advise you to have light colors so that the light will seep into the bedroom without removing anything of luminosity, for example the white curtains would be ideal.

What do these ideas look like to get a serene marriage dorm? Would you add anything else?

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