How to Wallpapering a Wall

Wallpaper wall

He Wallpaper has become very popular And is a trend, so many have to get down to work with the task of wallpapering to enjoy the exclusive designs that only have the wallpapers. They give a very different touch to any space, so it is certainly a big bet, and with the care and the right tools we can all become a good wallpapering.

We are going to tell you the steps about How to wallpaper a wall . It is imperative to follow the instructions, as well as having everything calculated and have the precise tools. In the case of wallpaper it is also necessary a good dose of patience, so we tell you everything you have to do next.

Prepare the walls

Walls should be Totally clean , Be smooth and have no cracks. That is, if there are holes will have to repair them with putty, and if we have the typical gotelé wall we must match it so that the wallpaper is stuck. First of all we must also clean it because it is most likely to have traces of dust and dirt. With a damp cloth, clean it and allow it to dry completely.

Necessary materials

To carry out the whole process of wallpapering you have to get a measuring tape To measure. A large table will help you with the job, and you need the tail, a mixing bowl and a brush. Also a brush, small rollers, scissors or a cutter and ladder. These are the basic materials for wall-papering ourselves.

Calculate what you need

Measure paper

When it comes to knowing the Amount of paper we need We have to measure the walls and depending on the width of the rolls calculate how much we need. Usually they are left a few centimeters up and down and then cut what is left over, so that we adjust everything much better. With the tape measure we will get an idea of ​​the surface of the wall and we have located the paper and know its width we can calculate everything we need, always buying a bit more than strictly necessary in case there is a failure to put it.

Glue the wallpaper

When we have the rolls of paper cut lengthwise, we have to Glue them in the back . To do this you have to prepare the glue, which usually comes in the form of powder and is mixed with water to create a paste that is used on paper. We should have an idea of ​​the amount of glue we are going to need. About eight liters of paper are needed for about 10 liters of paper. Apply it from the center to the edges, impregnating everything well or from above. It is important that the paper is well impregnated. Then it should be folded over and let stand about ten minutes for the glue to penetrate the paper well. As long as we leave that strip rest and we can glue another. When folded, there is no risk of glue stick.

Start picking up

We must start with the Top and a corner . It should be put to the millimeter, because if the first one goes wrong, the others too. We will glue it and then we will use the brush of the center outwards to avoid that they form bubbles in the paper and that is thus well glued to the surface.

Careful drawing

Wallpaper wall

This is one of the things that most worries the world, and is that the drawings must be matched to make the wallpaper look good. Simply have to Do it with care and patience . The papers should go right next to each other, never one over another, and we can use a small roll to join them even more. This is undoubtedly the most complicated part of all and with which we must be more careful. It is always easier if two people place the paper. While one is holding it the other fits well with the previous strip to make it perfect. Although above and below that is removed later.

Avoid bubbles

This is a very important part, and is that if the paper Is left with bubbles Not only will look bad, but it will spoil much sooner. So we must use the brush well on the surface of the paper so that it is very well glued. We assure ourselves with the hand that there is no bubble left on the paper.

Cut what's left

Wallpaper Wall 1

When the paper is already installed on the wall, we will always have a spare part up and down and in areas where there are for example light switches. That's when we can use a cutter to remove what is left over. Must go Pressing with a spatula To know exactly where we have to cut with the blade. In this way the cut will be straight and clean.

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