How to Unclog the Home Sink

How to Unclog the Home Sink

It is quite normal that over time the kitchen sink gets stuck causing a very unpleasant smell throughout the house. The food leftovers that accumulate in the pipes cause them to become stuck in the medium and long term. In most cases people usually call a plumber so that it solves the problem. However and although at first it may seem something quite complicated to solve, it is something that you can do yourself and on the way save you a good amount of money. Then I explain to you in a very easy and simple way how to unclog the sink and solve the problem of the obstructed drain.

In the event that your kitchen sink is totally obstructed by dirt that has accumulated over time, you must solve this problem with the help of a plunger. First of all you must fill the water sink and put the plug. Then remove the plug and start suctioning with the plunger until the drain is completely unobstructed. In case this does not work, you should look for the siphon under the sink. This piece is in the lower area of ​​the sink and has an elbow shape. Remove the plug and put a bucket under it to prevent the kitchen from getting soaked with water.

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When removing the plug, it should drop what is blocking the drain along with some water. If you see that the pipe is still stuck and does not let the water through, you can take a wire to try to push the jam and leave the pipe completely free and nothing to obstruct it. If in spite of all this, the sink remains totally obstructed You can choose to dismantle the siphon and check if the jam is much more serious than it might at first appear. This step can be somewhat more complicated since there are basic notions of plumbing.

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Home Remedies to Deplete the Sink

It may happen that despite using the plunger and dismantling the siphon completely, the sink is completely obstructed and does not let all the water circulate freely. In such cases you can choose to apply some type of home remedy quite effective and that will surely help you to solve such problem in the sink. Take note of some home remedies that will help you end the problem of the sink drain:

  • You should avoid at all times the disposal of used oil and leftovers through the drain of the sink. If you throw food you only get the dirt to accumulate on the walls of the drain, Leading to a large jam inside the pipes. You should get used to throwing the food scraps in the trash and the oil that you will not use more in special containers for it.
  • In case you have stuck the sink pipes and soles dull in the usual way, You can make a home remedy based on bicarbonate and water Which is really effective to remove any kind of dirt that has been accumulating in the drain.
  • Another home remedy very simple to do and that is really effective when it comes to unclogging the sink, Consists of heating a pot with water and salt and a stream of vinegar. Add the water through the sink and in a few minutes you will notice how the jam problem has disappeared.
  • If you have the sink stuck and it causes the same to smell badly, Try to sip some cola. With this wonderful home remedy you will be able to unclog the entire sink and forget about the bad odors.

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If despite the wonderful and effective home remedies, it is impossible to unclog the kitchen sink, you can apply some other chemical that acts as a powerful sink plunger. Buy the one you think is more reliable and suitable and add a little of that product down the drain. Leave it on overnight and the next morning turn on the faucet to check if the product has worked and the problem has been solved. Surely this way the drain is released from all the dirt and the sink is back in perfect condition.

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I hope you have a good note of all these wonderful home remedies that I mentioned above and get unclog the sink of your house yourself without having to call a plumber. As you can see, it has no complications and you can do it without the help of anyone. This way you can save yourself a good money and have the sink in perfect condition without any kind of problem.

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