How to remove white textile stains or white clothes

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Removing stains from clothes can sometimes be a difficult mission to achieve, but when it comes to white clothes, the stain can be even more complicated! There are people who when a white clothing is stained, whether it's a dress or a shirt, they choose two things: either take the garment to the cleaners or throw it away.

The white linen is delicate, and also any furniture that has white textiles, such as sofas or armchairs... we know this all over the world, but it is important that you do not hold your hands when you stain, you know how to treat it. This is even more effective if you have pets or children at home, Because the spots seem almost inevitable!

Remove the stains

To successfully remove a stain from a white garment will depend on what you do, and also on what you do not do. Before trying to clean the garment, you will have to check the label to know what is the best way to wash the garment without damaging it, but you should also know what is best to do to remove the white tissue stain.

It is important to remove stains of white clothes that act fast, because this way you will be avoiding that you embed the stain in the fabric more than necessary. If you want to discover the best ways to eliminate stains of white clothes, read on because this will interest you.

How to remove white textile stains or white clothes

How to remove stains effectively

Below you can find the best ways to remove stains effectively on white garments. Do not lose detail:

  • Use a knife A knife can be used to scrape and pick up any excess stain, be it food, paint or any other product that has fallen on clothing.
  • Dry the liquids Another way would be to dry the liquids with a white cloth, which is clean. To clean the liquid properly you will have to start from the outer edge of the stain and continue cleaning inwards.
  • You can use cold water. Clean the stain with a clean white cloth that is also soaked with cold water. You can do it with or without gel to wash dishes that is not toxic in the stain. It is very important that you take special care not to spread the stain or make it worse.
  • Use cornstarch Another idea to clean stains, especially when they are oil stains, is sprinkle cornstarch on top and wait 15 minutes. Then you will have to scrape the stain to remove the cornstarch and let the oil go with the cornstarch. You will have to repeat if necessary, especially if the stain is quite large. To finish with the cornstarch, you will have to touch the area with a solution of water and hydrogen peroxide, lemon juice or white vinegar (it is best to try it in a hidden area of ​​the garment) and then rinse the stain.
  • Non-toxic detergent or bleach. Another idea is to use a non-toxic detergent or bleach with oxygen in the stain before putting it in the washing machine or washing it by hand.


It is important to remember that the tricks of the previous points only work for clothes that are washable. For those garments that require dry cleaning, you will have to take it better to a dry cleaner to be cleaned professionally and make sure that the stain disappears and that in addition, the garment remains intact without spoiling.

What you should NOT do to remove a stain from white clothes

But it is also very important that you keep in mind that things you should NOT do when you want to remove a stain from the white clothes or textiles in your home. The spots in the white areas seem very difficult to remove, but knowing the tips of the points discussed above, and what you should not do that you will discover next, the spots will never be more, rivals for you. Then find out what you should not do:

  • Do not use a dark cloth. Do not use a dark colored cloth or terry towel or other material to rub the stain.
  • Do not rub the soap with the fresh stain. Do not rub the soap with fresh stains, since the soap can make the stain even worse and even, turn it into a new, worse stain.
  • Do not use hot water. Do not use hot water if you're not sure what type of stain you're dealing with. Hot water can cause stains such as blood, eggs or milk to embed more and cost more to remove.
  • Do not rub too much. If the spot on the garment or white fabric is a delicate fabric, then do not rub excessively because you could spoil the fabric permanently.

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If you follow these tips, you can end up with the stains on white textiles, they will not be a nightmare anymore for you!