How to remove the gotelé

How to remove the gotelé

The gotelé is a technique used to paint the walls and it became very popular years ago. This technique consisted of extending thick paint all over the wall in order to obtain a lumpy finish. To this day the gotelé is in disuse and many people are looking to remove it to give your home a decorative touch much more modern and modern.

If you want to end the gotelé there are a number of fairly simple and effective methods that They will help you to cover the walls of your house as you want. If you follow these steps you can say goodbye to the gotelé of the walls and opt for a type of decoration much more modern and current that helps your house to give a new air.

How to remove the gotelé 1

Remove gotelé with a special product for it

Before starting to remove the gotelé it is important to know the finish that has the wall. This finish can be done with plastic or tempera paint. To find out, you must wet the wall with a little water and observe if the water is absorbed or not. In the case of being absorbed the paint used for the gotelé is tempered and otherwise it is plastic paint. If it is tempered the best way to remove the gotelé is by using a special product for it. Thanks to this product the wall paint softens in a very easy way and with the help of a spatula can be removed without any problem the gotelé.

With this method you can save yourself a good money since you can do it yourself without the help of a professional. The first thing to do is to protect the floor of the room in question to prevent it from staining And then dilute the product in a little water . With the aid of a roller, apply the product throughout the wall in a uniform way. Wait a few minutes for the product to work and with the help of a scraper begins to remove all the gotelé. So easy and simple is to remove the gotelé from a wall with tempera paint.

How to remove gotelé 2

Remove the gotelé applying a product cubregotelé

In the case of the painting is plastic the most advisable to eliminate the gotelé is applying a perfect product for it as is the case of the cubregotelé. The first thing to do is to scratch the biggest lumps and then apply the product to get a completely smooth wall. The cubregotelé you can find it in powder, in paste or to apply with roller. In the first case mix with water and apply with a spatula to smooth the entire wall. In case it is in paste, just remove it a little and apply on the wall that has gotelé. The last case is to apply the cubregotelé with a roller and is the easiest way to smooth the wall. With the help of a roller you must extend the whole product in a homogeneous way and wait until it is completely dry. These are the three methods you have when completely eliminating the gotelé with plastic paint.

How to remove gotelé 3

Smooth the wall

Once you have finished with the gotelé the next step is to smooth the entire wall with a product like aguaplast and paint it with the color that most matches the decoration of the house. For this you must make a wide spatula and apply the aforementioned aguaplast in a uniform way throughout the surface. Let the entire wall dry and sand it to make it fully ready to paint. In case there are some other imperfections left, you can reapply a second hand of aguaplast. To finish it is only to re-sand the entire surface and paint the wall of the color you want. With these easy and simple steps you can say goodbye to the gotelé of the walls of your house to give way to a more modern and personal decoration.

How to remove the gotelé 4

As you have seen, it is not so difficult to finish the gotelé of your walls. It is a totally disused decoration that was very popular years ago and to this day is not usually present in many houses. Do not hesitate to remove the gotelé from the walls of your house and opt for a much more modern and modern type of siding Such as wallpaper or decorative vinyl. Remember that before starting to remove the gotelé it is very important to know the type of paint on the wall since it is not the same as it is to temper that plastic. Depending on this, you will have to apply one product or another in order to say goodbye to the aforementioned gotelé.

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