How to Perform Decoupage Technique


Sometimes we want to give a new touch to a piece of furniture or a detail, for example a vase or a surface. With this technique we will achieve a Very original effect , Because we will be transferring the paper or cloth to the surface, so that it appears painted on it. Basically it is a technique that will allow us to make many types of different decorations.

We will tell you step by step how to do the Decoupage technique . It is usually made on wood or on glass, since they are simpler surfaces to achieve this transfer. If you have a wooden furniture to which you want to give a new life, do not hesitate to use the decoupage.

What is decoupage?

Decoupage 1

The decoupage technique is a form of Decorate furniture and smooth surfaces With paper. Its name comes from the French decoupé, which means to paste, and this is precisely what is done in this technique, to paste papers or very fine fabrics to create a design. There are special papers but we can also use papers and cutouts that we like and have at home. This decoupage allows us to make new designs of furniture and decorative objects to give a modern and special touch. It is also a simple craftsmanship that everyone can do at home with little budget to decorate a piece of furniture.

Materials for making decoupage

The materials for making the decoupage are very varied. We can use fine fabrics, but the most Usual are the papers , Which is better that they are not waxed, but are porous so that they stick together better. They can be fine napkin papers or scrap papers from magazines or newspapers we have at home that we like. The originality lies in the design and in what we choose. We will also need newspapers to cover the workplace. The glue, the varnish and the lacquer are the materials to fix, and we will need thick brushes.

About what we will do decoupage

Decoupage in wood

We can do decoupage on many different surfaces, From glass to wood , Or in small objects like boats or vases and trays. There are many things that we can decorate in this technique at home, so if there is something that is boring and we want to change its appearance, we will have a great inspiration with this technique when decorating.

Prepare the surface

On surfaces such as glass, which are smooth and non-porous, we will simply have to clean and leave it dry and without residue to Apply paper or fine fabric . In the wood the process is something more complicated. Depends on the state in which it is, but we must sanding it to be smooth, clean and apply varnish. Once it is dry and no longer porous, we can apply the decoupage. In the glass we can also put a cardboard if we are going to cover it completely, because this way we will paste the paper more easily. Be that as it may, we must always clean the surface well to prevent dust or dirt from getting stuck in the design. Also the brushes and the material must be clean.

Crop pictures


As we will normally choose Magazine or newspaper papers That we have at home, we will have to cut what we like. We can do it with scissors or tearing, depending on the finish we want to give everything. You must make a selection depending on the amount of surface to be covered, so choose enough magazines, make many cuts, classify them by colors or designs and you will have many more ideas available for decoupage.

Create the design

One way to avoid mistakes when decorating surfaces is Create the design on them . We will put the papers as we want them, looking at the possible combinations. So we will have the final idea and we will not have to change on the fly as it could spoil. If we want to remember the design we can take a picture with the mobile to have it on hand. We can thus have a guide with which to create the design that we liked the most without mistaking.

Apply the glue and paste the design


You must apply glue to the surface. This tail is Dilute with water to 50% To have a solution much easier to use on the surfaces and that does not leave some remains so white. So we can go sticking designs as we liked. Make sure there are no bubbles and are well glued without wrinkles.

Use lacquer or lacquer to set

To fix the design and that this does not look glued but an image, what we can do is Use varnish or a special lacquer For the decoupage. If we see that there are edges, after applying the varnish and let it dry, we must sand it so that the surface is completely smooth. Next, we will use other layers of lacquer or lacquer to fix it well. Between layer and layer you have to let the design dry well.

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