How to Paint the Kitchen Tiles

Kitchen Tiles

On many occasions we have talked about some ways to change the appearance and decoration of a space without spending too much. One of the low cost ideas that can renew a room is to paint it with a new color that gives a new and different touch. In this case we are talking about the Kitchen tiles , Which can also be painted with a new color to give them that touch of renewal they need.

We will tell you what paintings to choose, because it is not a normal wall painting, but a Special for tiles With special features for this area. It should be a tougher paint, and we also have a great range of colors to choose from to repaint the kitchen tiles. If these have gone out of style, it's time to give them a turn to see the kitchen again as a new place.

Choosing tile painting

In stores we can find Specific paint for tiles . This painting has a harder and more elastic finish than normal wall paints. These glazes should be resistant to water, grease and daily cleaning, as they are in the kitchen area. Among them we can find from the matte finishes to the satin ones and those that have brightness. If we want to cover imperfections, the mate is recommended, as they stand out much less. And among these there will always be a great range of different colors to choose from and combine in the kitchen.

There are two types of enamels in addition to the previous selection that referred to the finish. We refer to the enamels a Water based and oil based enamels . Those that have water base are acrylics and the others are called synthetic enamels. Water is more environmentally friendly and is cleaned with soap and water, although it is slightly less resistant than the previous ones, but does not yellow over time. The oil-based ones are more resistant and more recommendable for areas like the kitchen, since the cleaning is constant, and have a brighter finish. No doubt the latter are the most chosen for a place like the kitchen.

Clean and prepare the area

Clean tiles

One of the things we must do is Clean the tiles well and prepare the area . These tiles of the kitchen usually have traces of fat, so we must thoroughly clean all the holes and corners so that nothing is left, so that the paint will permeate well in them. Special care must be taken in joints, which is where dirt can accumulate. You have to dry well and then prepare the area so you do not stain paint the furniture and around the tiles. Put plastic protectors that are purchased in paint shops and bodybuilder tape so that nothing moves and delimit the corners. In this way we can paint without fear of spoiling any furniture or corner.

Materials for painting

When painting normally is applied with Small roller or with a spray , Since the finish is very good with paint guns, without furrows. With the short hair rollers also a good finish is achieved although you have to apply little paint or there may be drops or furrows. Body tape and plastic are used to protect and in case of using spray paint it is better to wear a mask so as not to inhale the paint and leave a good ventilation in the kitchen.

To paint the tiles

To paint tiles

It's time to paint the tiles. Normally we will only apply one Layer not very thick on the tiles, Covering and spreading well. As we say, with the gun the finish is perfect, although you should also practice a little earlier on some surface to know how to apply it. If the result is expected, we should only wait for it to dry. It is best to paint on dry and warm days, as it dries before painting, and we must leave windows open for ventilation.

After painting

When it has dried completely, we should only remove the plastic and the tape. If we want the durability is greater and also has a more satin finish, we can Add on the paint a protector . Without removing the tape we would simply apply the same way on the already dry paint. This ensures that the paint lasts longer, something very important in an area such as the kitchen, where the tiles have a great wear and tear on cleaning products. We would dry completely and when this was dry we would remove the tape and the plastic and finally we would put everything as before. We would already have our kitchen tiles with a whole new look.

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