How to Paint a Wooden Furniture

How to Paint a Wooden Furniture

It is quite normal that over the years the furniture will lose some of its natural color and suffer some wear. If you have wooden furniture in your house, it is advisable to renew them from time to time so they come back to look like new and you can enjoy them. Although it may seem somewhat complicated at first, If you follow a series of tips and guidelines you can renew perfectly and get a decorative touch quite interesting throughout the house.

The first thing to do when painting a piece of furniture is to dismantle it so you can work as comfortable as possible. You must have enough space for this, since you have to remove all the drawers if you have them and paint them one by one. Also do not forget to protect the floor of the house with a plastic as this way you can avoid that it can stain paint.

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Once the whole piece of furniture has been completely removed, it is time to sand the entire surface of the piece of furniture. This step is really important because when sanding removes all the remains of varnish and paint that could have the furniture. In case the furniture you want to paint has no varnish or paint, you can skip the sanding step. When sanding you can do it with a squeegee and go gradually passing the same over the whole surface of the piece of furniture.

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If you are more handsome you can choose to use a sanding machine and save on time. It is essential to sand in the same direction as the wood grain to prevent marks from appearing on the wood. Once you have sanding all the wooden furniture it is time to remove the previous painting. By removing all the paint you will get the new grip much better and better withstand the passage of the years. Take a dry cloth and clean as best as possible the piece of furniture you are going to restore. It is important to remove all the dust accumulated in the furniture so that the final result is the best possible.

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Once the entire surface of the furniture is sanded and clean, it is time to start painting. You can start by painting all the drawers together with the outside of the furniture. The most advisable thing is to give a couple of hands of painting so that the result is the desired one. It is advisable to let the furniture dry between the two paint hands so that it will grip the entire surface better. When it comes to painting, it is advisable to do it in thin layers so that the finish is more professional. This way we will have to give more paint hands but the final result is much better.

To protect yourself from the paint you can use a pair of gloves and use a little solvent in case the paint has fallen to the floor or another piece of furniture. At the time of painting you can use both rollers and brushes. If the furniture has some type of relief on its surface, it is preferable to paint with a brush. On the contrary, if the surface of the furniture is smooth you can use a foam roller as this way you will get better and better paint.

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Once you have painted all the furniture, you must leave it for a few hours so that the paint dries perfectly. If the furniture has handles, it is advisable to change them for new ones. This way you will have the furniture completely renovated and like new. These shooters can put them without any problem since they are very simple to put. Go to the hardware store you want and choose those shooters that go best with the type of furniture you have renovated. Totally new shooters can change the whole appearance of the furniture and make it look like a totally different one.

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After having the furniture completely painted, you can apply a layer of varnish so that the surface of the furniture is perfectly protected from the dirt and looks like the furniture looks like new. As you have seen, When it comes to painting your furniture and renewing the possibilities for it are endless since in the market you can find paintings of all kinds and class . With the right paint you can get back to having a new piece of furniture. If your furniture is worn out over the years, do not hesitate to get down to work and paint it to make it look like new and decorate the room of the house you want. As you can see in this article is not very difficult to do and the end result is wonderful as you will have a new and renovated wood furniture.

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