How to Make Venetian Stucco at Home

How to Make Venetian Stucco at Home

When we decide to Renew a stay , We first think about painting the walls. This is one of the things that most changes a place, so we dive into the world of wall paintings. We find many colors, but also textures and finishes that can be interesting, among them Venetian stucco.

He Venetian stucco Is a finish that we give to the walls and imitates the marble, so it is a way of giving them distinction and luxury to our walls. It is a very old technique and it was the Venetian masters of the Renaissance who more party took to this type of technique to decorate the walls. So let's see how it is done and where it will look better.

What is Venetian Stucco

Venetian stucco

Venetian stucco is a technique for decorating and Paint the walls of the home Which imitates the marble giving a much more luxurious and sophisticated look to these. This stucco is composed of natural lime and marble powder, which is applied on the walls to give that vein effect. This technique is called Venetian stucco because it was in the upper class villas of the Venetian renaissance society where it had its greatest splendor. Nowadays, this finish is simply imitated to give the walls a distinctive and elegant touch in different shades and with a soft and shiny texture that makes it look like marble. Without a doubt it is a very special effect to decorate the walls that can change them completely.

Materials for making venetian stucco

To make the Venetian stucco we need some materials. In general we have materials that we would use to paint of normal form, like protectors for the furniture, masking tape For certain areas and sandpapers. But in this case we will also need a trowel to apply the stucco and a spatula. Venetian stucco can be bought in the color we like most, although it is also possible to mix the stucco with a dye that we want, and we can do it ourselves or ask us to do it in the store if we are not sure how to make the mixture.

Steps to make venetian stucco

Apply stucco

The first thing to do is to see that the wall is in good condition to be able to apply the stucco, as in all the walls that we are going to paint. Must Clean it to remove traces of dust , And wait until it is dry. If there are imperfections we can use putty to cover them and sanding and cleaning so that the finish is perfect. You also have to cover with tape body places like the edges of the door or the base.

Once the walls are prepared, if we do not yet have the tone ready, we must Mix the stucco with the dye In a bucket for stucco and simply stir until achieving the desired color and that this one is well mixed. When we have the mixture we must begin to apply the stucco with the trowel more or less evenly on the first layer, trying to be smooth. Wait for the drying time indicated and use the spatula to remove imperfections or sandpaper.

You must apply another second layer in the same way, trying to be uniform and letting it dry for a day. Remove imperfections in the same way and finally get ready for Apply the last layer . This is the most complicated, because in it we will make that effect of marble veins. You have to apply it irregularly, leaving holes without filling.

When finished we must allow it to dry for half an hour and finally apply a Wax on the wall Which will be what will give it that own brilliance of marble and sophisticated touch. The wax should be applied to the wall with a rag making circles.

Tips for caring for Venetian stucco

Venetian stucco

This type of walls needs some maintenance, not because it spoils the color, but rather to maintain that beautiful brightness. It is recommended that for each year Clean the walls with water and degreaser And then another coat of wax is applied to protect the Venetian stucco. In general, stucco has a longer life than normal paint and is therefore a great choice for home walls.

What style combines with Venetian stucco

This technique of Venetian stucco is inspired by the most affluent houses of Venetian renaissance society, so it is undoubtedly linked to interiors of Luxurious and sophisticated style . In general, this type of walls is usually used in rooms with an elegant but classic style at the same time, which is the best combination with this type of walls. However, we can also use it in modern spaces to give an original touch of sophistication to everything.

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