How to Make Garlands to Decorate Spaces

Garland of rabbits

Garlands were related to parties and events, since they were only used on these occasions, but the truth is that for some time they are also used to decorate spaces, and the fact is that they are great. They can be bought already made, since there are many models in the online stores, but also they can be to make garlands to decorate the spaces of the house in a totally manual and artisan way.

Today we are going to see how to make garlands to decorate any corner or to prepare a special party. The garlands are a simple DIY , which really can make everyone, even young children with adult supervision, and is that it does not take much material to get very beautiful garlands.


  • 1 Choose garland materials
  • 2 Material needed to make the garland
  • 3 Step by Step
  • 4 Decorate with garlands

Choose garland materials

Pompoms in garlands

There are garlands of many types, so the first thing to choose when making one is the material in which we are going to make it. It can be in cloth, in cardboard, in paper, in felt, or even with wool. The possibilities are endless, and that's why we can even mix materials and do something totally new. Paper is one of the simplest materials to work, but it also lasts less, so they are ideal for those garlands that are for specific moments, such as a birthday party. On the other hand, if we want a garland as decoration, we can use materials that last longer, such as felt, thick paper or fabrics and wool. This kind of wreaths can give us a little more work, but the truth is that they last a long time and can be a decorative element that contributes a lot.

Material needed to make the garland

Garland Materials

He main garland material is one of the most important things, since we need enough to make a garland for whatever space it is. It is better to measure the room and the area in which you want to put the garland to give us an idea of ​​the amount of material needed. We can also collect materials per household to recycle, whether we use fabrics, wool or newspaper and cutouts to make very original garlands.

Another material that we will almost always use is a quality scissor cut paper, cloth and other materials. It is also possible to use a cutter, which have a lot of precision. The glue is necessary to glue the elements, or threads to sew in the case that we use fabrics. If you have a silicone gun for crafts you can use it because it is very practical for this kind of thing.

He thread on which we are going to hang the elements of the garland is also very important. It must match the garland, and we can always decorate it with fabrics, with threads of wool and other elements if it does not convince us on its own. With this thread we can measure what we need in the area where we are going to put the garland. A large needle is also often used to pass the thread through the garland pieces.

Step by Step


The first thing we should do is a template in case the garland is dedicated to a motif. You can paint on a cardboard that motif, be it a house, an animal or a fruit. Cut out and use that cardboard as a template on the paper and the fabrics so that the motifs are totally the same. Preparing the items that will carry the garland comes first. We may have to stick things to it, and every garland is a world and we can get our most creative side. For example, in a wreath of Easter rabbits we can glue a wool pompom to the paper rabbits of the garland, to make it more funny and original.

Paper garlands

Once you have each and every one of the elements, we must put them on the string or the thread. We can do this in several ways. With a needle we can pass it for some point of that reason, and if it is a fabric we can sew it to the string. We can also use the silicone gun to glue the elements, since the back will not be seen when we place it on the wall. We can even put small tweezers to hang these elements in the string, as if it were a tendal.

Cloth garland

The last step, once we have the garland made, is to see in where we put it and how we hung it. Either we use some furniture to tie it up or we can use glue or glue to put it on the wall.

Decorate with garlands


The decoration with garlands is cheerful and original . We can make a garland with the color and pattern that we want, and also with the size that best suits the space where we are going to put it. A DIY wreath is tailor made for each space, so it is even more special, because there is no other equal. If you want a personalized decoration, you can make a garland with a name or a message, which are also trend.