How to Make a Green House

How to have a greener house

Today, not only can we worry about having a nice home, but it is also true that we must look at other details, and one of them is that we have a Much greener home And sustainable eco. Taking care of the environment has become more than a fashion, and is that there is a return to traditional values, avoiding consumerism without control.

Today we will give you some guidelines that you might not have thought to To have an ecological home , Even if you live in an urban environment. With little daily details, we can do a lot for the environment, so make a list of everything you can do starting today.

Cultivation at home

Organic home garden

Even if you only have a light kitchen or a Small balcony , You can also have your little garden. We do not say that you plan many things, but you can have some cherry tomatoes, small lettuces, strawberries or herbs like parsley or mint to dress foods and desserts. It is a way of saving, they help to decorate and you will also feel very satisfied of your small orchard. In Ikea there is even a greenhouse in mini size to make the crops easier.

Reuse things

Eco-friendly recycled furniture

Before we lived in a culture in which the new was the best, but with the return of retro, we appreciate much more things than before. If you have antique furniture at home, reuse them and give them a new life, painting them in a way that will serve them again. You can also join the Trend DIY , Using pallets and other materials to decorate the home.

Recycle and organize

An organized house is a house in which nothing is left over, and where alone We buy what we need . So having everything well organized is fundamental. You also have to recycle, sorting the trash to help a little more to the environment.

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