How to hang a picture

How to hang a picture

To this day it is rare to see a house in which there is no other picture decorating the wall. The paintings are wonderful accessories or decorative accessories for the home as they help to give warmth and personality to it. Hanging a picture is not too complicated although you have to take into account a number of aspects before deciding to do it, as is the case of the size or characteristics of the wall. If you plan to put some painting on some wall of your house, do not lose detail since I then give you a series of tips so you do not have problems when hanging the painting that you want and enjoy it in the area of ​​the House that you want

Small pictures

If you plan to hang a small box in any area of ​​the house it is best to use an easy hang. This way the picture is perfectly on the wall and you save the need to make a hole in the wall. If the frame does not have its own fastening system, you can put a socket in the frame of the frame and have it ready in a few minutes.

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Medium paintings

If you are going to hang a picture of a medium size you will have to make a hole in the wall in order to be well fixed to it. The first thing to do is to fix the place where you are going to put the painting so that it is perfectly level. When you make the hole you must put a taco along with a scarf. Do not forget to nail a socket to fix the frame perfectly. Remember that it is important to know the dimensions of the hole so that later you have no problems when inserting the block into the wall.

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Large pictures

When you hang a picture of a considerable size you must take into account a number of aspects in order to be perfectly fixed to the wall. Pay close attention to the steps that you must follow and you will not have any problems at the time of hanging the painting. The first thing to do is to put 3 sockets in the picture frame. Two in the corner and a third in the center of it. With this you are going to make sure that the mentioned picture is well fixed to the wall. Then you must align the box with the help of a tool called bubble level. Make marks on the wall to know the correct place to drill the painting. You should keep in mind that if the frame weighs a lot you must put a cue and a scarf large enough so that the frame can be fixed to the wall without any problems.

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In the event that you are going to hang a fairly large picture on a wall of plasterboard you must be careful enough and use a type of support that prevents that you can damage the wall. This way you have to use a support that is fixed in the ceiling and to hang the picture with small steel cables that fall of this support. This way you will avoid having to make holes in a wall as delicate as the plasterboard.

How to hang a picture

Tips on hanging a picture on the wall

If you plan to hang a nice picture in your house it is important that you pay attention to some practical tips that will allow you to do it in a correct way and without any problem. The first thing to check before hanging the painting is that the wall to be drilled is firm and does not have any damage. If you are going to hang a large picture, the wall can not be plasterboard, it has to be brick so that the picture is kept well fixed and no problems from being dropped. When hanging a painting it is essential to help with a tool such as a bubble level.

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Thanks to the same the box will be perfectly leveled in the wall of the area of ​​the house that you want. In case you do not have this tool you can help yourself with a ruler and a meter where you can mark the place where you drill. If you want to put some of another painting in the hallway of your house it is advisable to do it in a row or in line to get it from the decorative point are perfect.

With all these wonderful tips that you have been able to see, you will not have too many problems in hanging the painting you want. Remember that this is an ideal complement when decorating any corner of the house as it helps to give a personal touch really interesting.

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