How to get an exotic style at home

Exotic style

At the time of giving a Exotic touch to home We can refer to many distant cultures. The most common inspirations are found in India, Africa, the Arab world or in the ethnic countries of Mexico. These touches have become fashionable because they are far from the Western lifestyle, with more sober and simple decorations.

If you want to give an exotic touch to the home you can Inspire you in various styles styles Which have much to say. In all, typical tones are used, elements that define them, such as Arabic style lamps, or the animal prints that remind Africa and its wild nature with its ocher tones.

African ringtones

African Exotic Style

The exotic style you are looking to add African touches You can focus on furniture with dark woods such as mahogany. Also the natural fabrics like that rattan chair. The geometric prints in black and white also remind us of this culture. Undoubtedly this is a very sophisticated version, where earth tones come with wood.

Arabic style

Exotic style with Arabic touches

If you love the Arabic style, you have many details to add. These armchairs made only with textiles, and you also have the Typical Arab style poufs In leather. The lamps and those tables full of details and adornments are essential details.

Colors of India

Exotic style inspired by India

If there is a style that results colorful Is the one that is inspired by India. There the colors are always intense, so do not have to stay short if we want to portray it. In addition, as in the Arabian style, the details are filled with ornaments, flowers and intricate carvings that give that exotic look to the furniture.

Ethnic touch

Exotic style with ethnic touches

If we wish to add a Ethnic touch To our home we can be inspired by many things. Natural materials and handmade pieces are very significant, like these great storage baskets that remind us of Mexican culture.

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