How to fold towels

Ways to organize towels in the bathroom

Have you ever thought if you are folding your towels well or if on the contrary you do it in an innate way almost without thinking about how to do it? There are many different ways to fold towels and not only tip to tip to make a square to fit well to the shelves. Folding towels is an art that requires expertise, as long as what you want to achieve is a perfect bend or different shapes.

Towels in your decor

The towels do not have to be only put in a drawer, if you want, they can be part of the decoration. You can create different ways to give towels or simply to expose them in your bathroom and your guests are left speechless when they enter and ask you to teach them how to do it.

Do not ever forget your bath towels inside a drawer, because they can help you improve the appearance of the bathroom space. There are people who like to have elegant towels so that nobody touches, but a towel that is not touched does not fulfill its function as a towel. If you also have small children in your home, it is better that your towels can be used every day.

Clean towels

The towels can help your bathroom look better and take advantage of its textures and materials so that practices are decorative. The idea is that with your towels, in addition to using them for a specific purpose, They can help you decorate by showing your personality either by the shape, by its color or by any other aspect that interests you.

Different ways of folding towels

There are different ways to fold towels. You will have to choose the one that you like or the one that best suits your personality depending on what you want the decorative effect to be in your bathroom. Do not miss these ways to fold towels, choose the way you like!

Rolled towels

The towels folded in roll, ie, rolled will always give an elegant look to the bathroom, especially if you have open shelves where you can see everything in them. You can do it like a professional if you follow these tips:

  • Fold the towel in half to make a square
  • Then fold the towel in one of the corners towards the center of the square
  • Turn the opposite corner so that it meets the first corner in the center of the square
  • Turn the towel down and that the bent corners are facing down
  • Begin to bend from one corner of the towel to the other, adjust the shape
  • Roll up the towel

Now you can place your towels in a basket, in a closet or on the shelves of your bathroom.

perfect condition towels

Fold a large bath towel

Maybe big bath towels are a bit more complicated to fold, but it's easier than you think.

  • Stretch the towel vertically so that the towel is in front of you
  • Grab the upper corners and hold them at shoulder height, stretch as much as you can.
  • Take one corner to the other looking for a point two thirds the width of the towel. Fold the second corner towards the first and create three layers.
  • Distribute the folds and move the towel gently to distribute better.
  • Squeeze the towel on your chin and chest.
  • Get the midpoint of the towel to the vertical, lift your chin and drop half
  • Fold the towel back by placing it on a flat surface to make another fold
  • Ready

Better to see it to do it

If you need visual references, do not miss these videos because you can learn to fold towels in different ways, and become an expert!

Double towels like in hotels

Learn how to fold towels like in hotels, in this Hazlo easy video you can learn how to fold towels in an easy way with these simple steps.

7 ways to fold towels

In this Youtube channel of Rosa Garalva you can learn to fold towels in 7 different ways. All are much easier than you think and also, with the video you will learn to do it right away. It's great!

Teddy bear

If what you like is to make shapes with towels, then do not miss this video from the Youtube channel Cookies in the Sky that will show you how to make a beautiful teddy bear with a towel. You will love how easy it is and the beautiful result to have a spectacular bear and surprise all your visits.

From now on you have no excuse to have all your towels at home well folded and that in addition to having them well organized contribute to the decoration and good organization of your bathroom.