How to design kitchens with online tools

Design kitchens

It's time to plan the Kitchen design And we do not even know where to start. We are in a sea of ​​doubts, with many ideas, inspirations and wanting to add everything but not knowing where to put each thing or how it will be everything in the end. There are those who have a great imagination and can visualize everything, but in general we all need a little help in this sense to see the final design.

Today there is 3D technologies that are perfect for viewing To perfection our kitchen. The online tools not only serve to entertain us, but help us in many things, one of them to design a simple and intuitive way a kitchen or a room, so that before buying anything or starting the design we already have the exact idea of What we are going to get.

Why Use Online Tools

Kitchen planner

The online tools for planning kitchens in your Most are free , So we will be saving a lot of money by doing the design work in front of a company that does it and covers the design in addition to the work to create the kitchen. Nowadays user-level online tools are really intuitive, we will not have to know anything about design programs to create our own kitchen. They actually appear as if they were a game. Normally you have to add the measurements of the kitchen to make a scheme and go adding the furniture and everything that we need. In general, if it is not a specific tool of a store, we will add furniture to a basic style, to see how the final composition would look. Obviously the style of our kitchen will depend later on the furniture and details that we choose.

Finding Tools Online

With a simple search in Google we will see the great amount of possibilities that we find for To design the kitchen of our dreams . We can view images and read the general summaries of each online tool. This way we will get an idea of ​​how they can work. The final step is to try each one that has caught our attention to see if it is what we want, if it is easy to use and if the final design satisfies us and we find it useful to plan our future cuisine.

Ikea Kitchen Planner

Kitchens Ikea

The most famous decoration store in the world delights us with a Kitchen online planner . You can choose a simple planner or the three-dimensional planner. If you are going to buy your kitchen at Ikea it is a great idea to go adding products that you like and to finally see the final design with everything you have chosen, the accessories included. It's really simple and intuitive, with the prices of all the products you add, so you can also get a final idea of ​​the cost of everything, something that can not be done with other tools. In Ikea they know perfectly well that we need to see the final set and they make it easy, but also that we can control the expenses, choose the small details and really see how our Ikea kitchen will be at home. You choose if you see it in two or three dimensions.

3D kitchen planners

Design kitchens

The Kitchen planners in three dimensions Are the most complete, because they allow us to get a better idea of ​​how each corner of the kitchen will remain. Homestyler is a planner for the whole house that serves to furnish the kitchen in a simple way. With Atlaskocinas You have another simple planner, which allows you to choose styles and furniture and then look at 3D in addition to connecting with suppliers in your area to get the kitchen you want. Opun planner Is another tool to design kitchens in three dimensions in the simplest and full color.

2D Kitchen Planners


If you do not need planners in three dimensions or you find it difficult to visualize, you can also use the first ones that appeared, the two dimensions. In the page of Ikea you have several tools, so that you choose the one that you like more. Merillat is a Free online kitchen planner Which has the help of expert Merillat to solve doubts and where you can save your designs to continue later with them. Wren Kitchens Is a specialized planner only in kitchens, so it has a wide range of finishes, accessories and details to see a much more interesting final result. With the planner PickABox You have a tool to design the kitchen in which you can also control the budget and thus not get out of it, something very important when designing a space and choose details and materials. In this way we will always control the expenses and the final result will fit our budget.

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