How to decorate with flower centers

Flower centers

There are many details and accessories that we can use to decorate our home, including Flower centers . Although we may think that there is a way to create these floral centers, the truth is that there are many different ideas, some more complicated and some much simpler, that everyone can do at home.

These flower centers are a perfect detail for a table, for the bedroom, the living room or the dining room. The flowers always make everyone happy, and for that we are going to think of ways to inspire you to decorate with these flower centers. There are Ideas for all tastes , More natural and bohemian, more rustic or modern. Everyone can have their ideal flower center.

Why decorate with flower centers

Flower centers 1

Flower centers are a Great resource for decorating the home . The flowers bring color, fresh aromas and a delicate and elegant style to the house. In addition, they give great joy to our house. It is a detail that we can use for a space event, as a centerpiece, or to decorate in places like the top of the fireplace, the kitchen countertop or the bedrooms. The flowers serve to give freshness to any space in the home.

Make flower centers

There are many ways to make these flower centers. We can Recycle elements To make original vases, with glass jars, bottles, boxes or cans that are reused for use as original vases. In addition, centers can be made with many other elements, such as cages or wicker baskets, which are very fashionable.

These centers can be made with Natural or artificial flowers . The natural flowers have the disadvantage that they have to be changed constantly. In addition, the artificial flowers today are very successful, and for that reason they can be a good substitute, although they will not have aroma and we will have to clean them from time to time.

At the time of Make flower centers We must take into account the style. Field flowers for rustic centers, and elegant flowers such as roses for event centers. Symmetry is often the way to make flower centers, so that they are perfect, but nowadays we can also make non-symmetrical, more natural and spontaneous centers.

Rustic Floral Centers

Flower bouquets

In these centers we should not use symmetry, but mix flowers in similar tones with flowers typical of the field. As for the base, we can Use wood logs , Or pieces of brass or glass with vintage look. These centers are ideal for decorating tables of events that are made on the outside, such as a wedding in a country house, for example.

Floral centers with recycled boats

Diy flower centers

If you have Glass jars for house , You can make beautiful vases of natural and rustic style. With burlap fabric and a little lace we will give you the touch of contrast, something delicate and somewhat ruder. These boats are dressed with these fabrics to create an ideal set for decorating. Also, they are often put in different sizes to decorate.

Floral centers for parties

Elegant flower centers

They can also be done Beautiful flower care centers For events and special parties. The best flowers are undoubtedly roses, but there are also other very elegant, such as orchids. We can make simple centers like the glass jar with several roses.

Modern Floral Centers

Match the flowers

There's a lot Modern ideas To decorate with flower centers. In this case we see how the color of the centers is combined with the rest of the decoration. Blues and pinks for a totally combined style. In this case they used high candelabra to put the center, using a different idea and more special than usual, without using the usual vases. In the modern we also find fresh and new ideas that surprise us.

Vintage Floral Centers

Flower centers

If you like the Vintage and bohemian touch , We give you a fresh idea to decorate the terrace or the entrance of the house. A vintage wooden box in which to include plants of the field in different shades. A very fresh and original set for a cottage. In this case it is not a very difficult center, since they have simply mixed green plants with flowers that give touches of color without leaving a space, but without an established order. A very natural flower center that everyone can do.

Original floral centers

Original flower centers

There is always room for Find original ideas . Artificial flowers with impossible colors and sizes that attract attention, or vases that have been customized with details by hand, glass jars of various shapes, cages in which to enclose flowers or glass displays for some creative centerpieces And especially special and different.

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