How to decorate with eva gum flowers

How to decorate with eva gum flowers

If you are one of those who love crafts and are thinking of a new idea to change the look of a room or to decorate a corner, then we propose the Eva rubber flowers . This is one of the funniest and most versatile materials available today to do DIY projects, so do not hesitate to start working with it for your next crafts.

The Flowers always brighten a stay , But we can not be buying fresh flowers every day, so we have the option to create ones that do not wilt and last for a long time. With the rubber eva can create many things, the limit is only in the imagination, so we can make all kinds of flowers with it.

What is eva gum?

Rubber eva

The first thing we must clarify is what is this eva gum. East Craft supplies It is also known as foami. It is a plastic compound that is soft and very malleable, and we can find in countless colors to combine and make various crafts. It is easily found in shops, and in some cases we can even find this material with metallic finishes and glitter, to give a different effect to the crafts. It has the great property that we can wash it, use glue and mold it to our liking using heat, so you can do everything with this great material. It is perfect for making crafts with children because of its softness and the great amount of colors it has.

How to Make Rubber Flowers

Rubber eva 1

Using eva gum is quite easy, although there are many different flower patterns to make. We can search Templates online For all kinds of flowers and thus give us an idea of ​​how we have to do them. A first step is to make cardboard templates to make petals that are the same easily and quickly. So we can paint on the eva gum and trim the many petals. They can be glued with a silicone gun, which is very practical for these crafts. The process simply takes time to go sticking the petals little by little and carefully to make them look good, but it is not very complicated. In addition, today we will find all kinds of tutorials and videos online to illustrate us.

On the other hand, if we To shape the petals We can make them with heat. This is easily done with a candle. With a clamp we hold the foami on the candle to warm it. It is then when it becomes more malleable and we can shape it, either with the fingers or with some material. When it cools, it will stay with that shape that we have given it.

These flowers can be Decorated in more detail , Such as glitter or colored paints, depending on the idea that we have in mind. It is also possible to mix them with other materials such as cardboard. Having the flowers made and we can use them to decorate.

Decorate with eva gum flowers

Rubber eva 2

The rubber eva flowers can be used for many things. The decoration with them is very varied, and it is that they can give color to any corner. One idea that is fabulous for children's rooms is to use these foami flowers to make a Floral wreath That is joyful and festive. We can use a tone that matches the room and create a beautiful garland with which to decorate a corner, like the headboard area of ​​the bed.

With these flowers we can also To decorate small things . Boxes that we use to store important things, can be decorated with these flowers by sticking them with the gun to them once we have them done. Not only we can decorate boxes but also storage baskets and even some furniture that seems obsolete and boring, or a mirror to which we want to give a spring and fun touch.

These eva rubber flowers are also a Great solution for the holidays, Especially if they are celebrated in the spring, since they are an ideal reason for this time. Garlands or large flowers can be made to decorate the walls. They can also be used to decorate the glass jars of the candies and there are many more ideas that can arise at the moment. A sweet table decorated with these flowers can be easily made and the effect will be great.

Eva gum 3

Some people use foami's flowers for Create your own vases With flowers that do not wilt and that decorate every day as a centerpiece. It is another way to give them use to these flowers made by hand. We present them as a normal center and can be used on the table or in the entrance area, as a vase with a very original bouquet of flowers. Of course there are endless different ideas to make with these flowers.

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