How to decorate the home with the trendy Scandinavian style

Nordic style

He Scandinavian style Has come from the northern countries to stay, and is that it is a style that has many positive things. It is also known as Nordic style and brings us great ideas in environments that are always welcoming and very beautiful, with a serenity that can only be achieved with such a simple style.

The Scandinavian style can be Mix easily with other styles And trends, and is that house really well with the vintage style, with the industrial style and with the most minimalist and modern. Today we will give you the keys that are basic to create a typical Scandinavian style, but then you can make the mixes that you like, because in decoration there is always room for creativity.

Light wood


The materials always define a style, and in this case we have the Light wood . This wood, which is also painted white, is usually used in its most natural state, without the heavy dark varnishes of other seasons. Both on the floor and in furniture, the Scandinavian style uses wood in its lighter natural tone. Obviously, these have the advantage that we can paint them in white, black or pastels when we want.

Less is more

White color

In the case of the Scandinavian style It's better to stay short Which add too much detail. It is a style where simplicity and functionality, rather than decorative ornaments. That is why we must always choose the elements that are practical, and in its case add a small detail like a beautiful lamp, a candlestick or simple vases. You should always start with a list of basics in each room, which will be the ones we are going to add, and then we can give some touch, but never commit excesses. In the Scandinavian style you look for practical spaces to live with simple ideas.

Basic lines and geometry

Nordic Lounge

In the case of furniture and decorative accessories of the Nordic style, we find that basic lines are sought, without frills or ornaments, and geometric details. As you can see in the vases and even in the detail of the puff, the geometry is very present in this style. The Furniture of basic lines Are the ones who will triumph in the Nordic style. The tables with sloping legs and round surface in various sizes are already a classic, but there are many more ideas, with furniture with straight lines and modern, contemporary designs that are current but also timeless.

White color

White color

The white color is one of the most representative points of the Nordic style. There is no Nordic style without spaces full of Brightness and white tones . They may appear with more or less protagonism, but the truth is that they are essential. The white tone had become rather boring in decoration, but this style has reinvented it again, with the mixture of textures and details to give it a new dimension. In this case we see an office in which not only have they added a table and a storage furniture in white, but also have a white coat of hair on the chair and small details like the vase.

Pastel tones

Pastel tones

In this space we find the great pastel shades. Tones you can use in the Scandinavian style to give it a touch of color. If you get tired of the black and white binomial you can always Use the softer colors Of the palette. Blue sky, pink stick and mint green are the kings of the Nordic style and never fail to give a touch more fun and colorful to any environment without breaking with the delicate touch of the Scandinavian world, where the luminosity of spaces matter.

Scandinavian style prints

Scandinavian prints

The prints are very present in a style where there is much simplicity in the lines of their furniture and also in the colors, which are usually white, black and gray. So it's about giving fun to the spaces with the prints, which in the Scandinavian style are very significant. We see the Printed bicolor, Which are very typical, with motifs such as spruces, crosses, stripes or even moles. Geometric stamping is also very present, not to forget that in this style geometry and lines are very important. So we found these two great ideas for decorating with Scandinavian textiles.

Total functionality

Pastel colors

If something is going to be important in the Scandinavian style is the Functionality of spaces . It is very important that they be practical spaces, above the details to decorate. So we are going to add furniture with nice design but also are comfortable, fulfill their function and are easy to move, clean and other details. In this room we see it clearly, with a simple sofa and auxiliary tables of basic and very light lines.

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