How to decorate the home with hydraulic tiles

Hydraulic tiles

The vintage style is very popular for homes, because you can salvage old things and renew old pieces. With the vintage trend we have seen how they put themselves Fashionable again the hydraulic tiles , which are provided with beautiful mosaics of two or several colors that are really decorative.

The Hydraulic tiles are pigmented cement tiles very decorative and of great resistance, so much that they can be used in interior and exterior. These tiles were widely used until the 1960s, when they fell into decline until today. Nowadays, it is rare to see authentic hydraulic tiles in houses, but new tiles have been created to decorate the spaces with this trend.

Monochromatic tiles

Single-color hydraulic tiles

The hydraulic tiles usually have a lot of color, because that's how they met in their early days, with colorful tones that added vivacity to the rooms and especially a lot of style. However, for those who do not like this profusion of color in their home, there are also tiles of this type that they play with monochromatic . From black and white to a mixture of grays to add all kinds of patterns on the tiles, which are what give it that unmistakable style. They will also attract attention and will be equally decorative but we can add color in small touches with textiles or other elements, in a more controlled way.

Colorful hydraulic tiles

Colorful tiles

The hydraulic tiles full of color they are what we can usually find in houses. These tiles add a lot of color to the spaces, since they usually have many different shades. That's why sometimes they can be a little complicated to add to the decorations. However, these tiles, as the only element of color can create a very fun and original space. Add them on a wall or in a zone of the floor gives another touch to the spaces that we would not achieve with a floor or smooth walls.

Tiles for the kitchen

Hydraulic tiles for the kitchen

We have already said that these hydraulic tiles have two great qualities . On the one hand, they are very decorative and original, so they give life to any space. On the other hand, they are very resistant and durable, so they are usually used in places that have a lot of movement. It is common to see the tiles in the kitchen area, especially on the floor, but also in the area of ​​the front of the stove, as these tiles are very easy to clean and maintain. In this case we see some tiles with a clearly vintage style in simple tones, although there are more modern and colorful.

Hydraulic tiles in the bathroom

Hydraulic tiles in the bathroom

The bathrooms are also good candidates to add these tiles . Instead of tiles in plain colors we can always add these hydraulic tiles with hundreds of different patterns, which are also trend. The tiles can be placed on the floors as well as in the shower area or on all the walls. Although their patterns become tiresome for what they are usually recommended in a single space, such as in the shower, so they do not saturate the senses.

Hydraulic tiles on the terrace

Tiles for the terrace

They could not miss these great tiles on some terrace . Although it is not what is usually seen, because the terraces use more resistant tiles such as terrazzo, there are those who dare with these beautiful tiles to create a terrace out of the ordinary. You just need some outdoor furniture with modern design to contrast with the vintage touch of the floor and you already have your original chill out area.

Hydraulic tiles in the bedroom

Tiles for the bedroom

In the bedrooms these tiles are not usually seen although if we want to give another more vintage look to the floor we can add them. In these rooms we see bedrooms with simple styles and textiles in neutral tones. It can not be otherwise if we are going to add a floor with so many prints and colors.

Hydraulic tiles for the living room

Tiles for the living room

In the living room it is possible to see these nice tiles , especially in those salons of marked vintage style. This for example has old furniture that has been renovated and cared for, and vintage details like the old suitcases. The soil with its colors and patterns detracts from the spaces.

Tiles on the walls

Tiles on the walls

The hydraulic tiles in the walls draw a lot of attention , so it is very difficult to put them on all the walls, because it would be excessive. In this case we see how tiles are added to the walls but only in a row, to help decorate but not too colorful or we get tired.

Tiles for the floor

Hydraulic tiles on the floor

These tiles are usually put on floors , which is where they decorate without impacting so much to the eye. They are perfect for any stay and we have seen them in all kinds of environments, but above all they combine with vintage.