How to decorate the home in an industrial style

Industrial Style

Today there are many trends available to choose to decorate our home, but there are some that have become the most sought after and chosen. No doubt they are in fashion, and for that reason we like to speak of them and give you the keys so that you can apply them to your home. Today we will see how to decorate our house with the industrial style .

If you still have not heard of the industrial style, stay tuned because you may like what we are going to teach you. A original style, durable , with a masculine touch and with much charm and personality to decorate any corner of the home. It is also a style widely used for shops for that industrial touch.


  • 1 What is Industrial Style?
  • 2 Walls in the industrial style
  • 3 Leave everything in sight
  • 4 Metal, lots of metal
  • 5 Vintage Details
  • 6 The industrial style in masculine spaces

What is Industrial Style?

Industrial Style 1

The industrial style is one that incorporates elements of the industry in the decorations for the home or other spaces. It is inspired by the Industrial Revolution, a moment in which the economic boom and the development of industries contributed many elements that today will be significant for this decorative trend. The great inspiration came with the american lofts , which were old industries converted into dwellings, and that adopted many of the elements that already had in the buildings in the decoration, thus giving birth to this peculiar style.

Walls in the industrial style

Industrial Style 2

Although the ideal when it comes to having an industrial space would be to have an authentic loft with brick walls since they are true, that is something that almost nobody can have. So we have to look for resources to recreate these effects on normal walls. There are false brick walls, which is an ideal choice, although we should not overdo it. We should use them on a main wall, the one behind the sofa in the living room or behind the head of the bed in the bedroom. Brick is one of the most used materials and can also be recreated with wallpapers, although the effect is certainly not so authentic.

Another material that may be ideal for industrial walls is cement , which can be created with a wallpaper with the effect of cement. There are quite a few realistic ones, so it may be a good choice. Neither should we put it on all the walls or it will seem a place too cold and dark.

Another perhaps simpler option is use paint to wear on the walls to give that touch of industry. This allows us to use lighter colors and prevent the spaces being too dark.

Leave everything in sight

Industrial Style 3

With this we refer to the building elements . In all the houses we hide the beams, the pipes and the brick under cover layers, but in the industrial style this is not carried out, the industries are functional, we must not forget. That is why showing the pipes is typical, but pipes that look vintage and are cared for, if possible in shades like copper, which are more beautiful. Also the beams and the brick must be seen, and if they are metal beams, then much better. In many homes that do not have these elements, simply add them, leaving the bulbs in the air with a nice cable, adding wooden beams or putting shelves or furniture and details made of metal pipes.

Metal, lots of metal

Linking with the above we have to say that the material we see most in the industrial style is undoubtedly the metal. It is above the wood in dark tones. And is that if something defined the industry is the use of metal, so it must be present. If it seems cold, we can only put it in a couple of details, like in a piece of furniture or in the Tolix chairs so mythical , who have become authentic representatives of this style. In addition, these nice chairs have them in many colors and in the form of a stool, ideal for the kitchen.

Vintage Details

This style not only brings us metal and touches of industry, but also is a style linked to years gone by, so it has a lot to do with our dear vintage style , the one that never goes out of style because it already took a long time. If we want an industrial style that is not too cold, we must add vintage touches. A lamp with focus, an old phone or those great analog clocks that are also an important part of this trend that we like so much. What's more, we can mix this style with antique furniture that is more elegant, to give the sophisticated touch to everything.

The industrial style in masculine spaces

Industrial bedroom

This trend is undoubtedly one of the most chosen styles for spaces that are only for men. That is, if we have to decorate the a child's room , the industrial style is a good choice. Dark tones, strong blue, brown and gray, brick walls, metal and leather are all ideal for spaces that are very masculine.

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