How to decorate the children's room with children's borders

Children's valances

When We decorate the children's room We always want it to be a special place, where you can feel the childlike touch. That's why we can look in small stores for details that make the room a different place. In this case let's talk about an add-on that can be interesting to decorate the walls. We are referring to children's valances.

The Children's valances are easy to put , And in addition there are many cheerful and colorful motifs for the walls. There are interesting advantages when choosing the borders in front of other decorations. So we are going to give you some interesting inspirations in infantile borders, besides telling you the advantages and the ways of putting them.

Why choose child valances

Children's valances 1

The infantile valances give us some interesting advantages when it comes to decorating the spaces. We have many ways to decorate the walls today. From wallpaper to vinyls, painting or children's paintings and pictures. But the truth is that a valance is also a very good idea. The best thing these elements have is that they are Very easy to put , So everyone can add them to their walls. There are many different models and do not get saturated, as it is only a line that decorates.

Another great advantage is that in this way we can Divide the wall into two And use paint of different colors. It is a way to enjoy changing the walls in a more original way. And we also have the advantage that these valances for children's rooms are simple to remove and do not spoil the walls or paint, so it is an element that we can change when we want without too much work.

Types of child valances

Colorful borders

Today we can find two types of children's valances. There are Wallpaper , Which has that texture that has the own wallpaper, more matte. These are a little more difficult to put, since you have to be careful that bubbles do not form.

The other type of children's valances Would be those of vinyl . These valances are made in this durable material. They are easy to put on and easy to remove, and they can also have transparent parts, so that we can put shapes in a valance without seeing the line as delimited as the usual valances. These types of valances are newer, and we do not find them in all stores, but they can be interesting for ease of use.

How to put childrens valances

Children's valances

Child valances are much simpler to use than wallpaper. In the vast majority of cases the texture and the material will be the same as the wallpaper, so the use will be the same but on a small scale. We must point out and mark the place where the valance should go, so that Go straight ahead . You have to go putting it and with a spatula making sure that there are no air bubbles left. In all stores this kind of materials and accessories usually come with instructions to put them ourselves.

Children's valances for baby's room

Borders for girls

Although the vast majority of borders serve for boys and girls, we always find some themes that tend to be more like one or the other. There are Children's princess inspired plaques Of story, or with beautiful children's themes. In general, we should think about the decoration of the girl's room so that the tones combine with the valance. In these cases we see rooms in pink with very different borders but full of cheerful colors.

Child valances for children's room

Children's valances

In the case of children, Topics they like best . Superheroes, cars or airplanes are an example that we can take into account when choosing the perfect valance for your room. As we said, the color of the room should be in line with that of the valance. In this case we see a border of superheroes in pastel tones that combines with other elements of the room chosen in these soft tones. Unlike the valance of airplanes, whose colors are intense, like those of the room that decorates.

Children's valances for baby's room

Children's baby valances

These valances are also a good reason for Babies rooms . In their case delicate and dreamy motifs are chosen. Clouds, balloons or stars are ideal for the babies' room in the house. As for the colors, they are also usually soft, with pink tones, sky blue or beige.

Decorate the room with children's valances

Children's valances

This children's room is a great example of how To combine the valance and the decorative elements Of the children's room. A border with gray and blue tones combines with this room in shades of white, black and blue. The motifs are stars, which are perfect to blend with that garland with simple geometric motifs.

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