How to decorate small bathrooms

Small bathrooms

The small spaces in the home almost always pose a problem when decorating, because you have to take advantage of every corner we have and make the space does not seem so small. There are several tricks to decorate small bathrooms and make them cozy and pleasant spaces.

We propose a few ideas to decorate these small bathrooms taking advantage of its square meters. Have the style they have can be functional and beautiful places if you know how to choose the elements well.

Bathrooms in white tones

White bathrooms

If there is a trick that always works for small spaces is the use of white color . The white traps the light and always makes all the spaces seem much wider and more extensive than they are offering luminosity to the environments. These bathrooms use a lot of white tones, from walls to floors and toilets. If the total white we find too sober, then we can add warmth with accessories in rattan or light wood. It is a way of not lowering the luminosity but giving a bit of warm tones to a very white environment.

Pastel colors

Soft tones

If you like the color but the space is small, surely you do not consider the total white. But for that, there are the great pastel colors , which are also trend. They are colors in their softest and lowered tonality, which create really relaxed spaces. In these bathrooms we also see the mixture with the white color, which brings more light, along with colors such as pastel pink or pastel blue. In the vintage bathroom they dare with wood in dark tones, although in the contemporary environment the wood is painted white and wood in soft tones.

Mirrors in the bathroom

Mirrors in the bathroom

Mirrors are always used in bathrooms, but they are also an essential element in small spaces because they have the ability to multiply light and give the feeling of more space. If we like large mirrors we can use them and it is also good to put them where they can reflect the natural light of the windows if the bathroom has them. If we feel like it we can even put more than one mirror to increase the feeling of space in the bathroom.

Storage in small bathrooms

Storage in the bathroom

The bathrooms that are small they need a good storage equally , but it has that disadvantage of not having enough square meters to add storage furniture. The area above the toilet is often left unused, so it can be a good place to add a little storage. Also under the sink can be used to store things, as niches in the walls. You have to think about easy solutions to get much more space in the bathroom and that it does not turn out to be too overcrowded or overloaded.

Simple bathroom furniture

Simple furniture for the bathroom

The toilets can also help make the space appear larger. In small spaces, simplicity should prevail, since spaces with too many details or with furniture full of ornaments will be very full of things. In this sense, the sanitary ware modern and minimalist style , especially those that are exempt and have no foot, because they allow us to have an easy space to clean and that is wider.

Showers for the bathroom

Showers for small spaces

These small spaces also tend to use showers instead of bathtubs . The bathtubs take up a lot of useful space and in general the shower fulfills the function we need. If we like to take baths we will have to consider having a bigger bathroom, because the showers are more functional and easy to clean. In addition, the walk-in showers are even more interesting because we can clean the space quickly and are accessible to all kinds of people. Another trick with the shower so that the spaces do not become small is that the screen is open and transparent glass, so that you can see the depth of the bathroom completely. One that was opaque or a curtain would make entering the bathroom seem much smaller.

Tiles for the bathroom

Tiles for the bathroom

Small bathrooms are usually simple because they do not allow too many things. We look for spaces in white, with furniture with basic lines and neutral colors so as not to saturate. But that's precisely why sometimes we can find baths a bit boring, especially if we like the color and the patterns , something that is rarely included in smaller spaces. In this case you can add the prints on the tiles, making the decoration run by the walls and floors. The hydraulic tiles are especially decorative and can be placed on the floor only or in the shower area, to decorate the space and capture the attention without saturating. They are usually mixed with other smooth and simple tiles.