How to decorate minimalist salons

He minimalism became very popular in the 90s , when everyone wanted to simplify the striking style of the 80s. Both in fashion and decoration, simpler ideas were sought, the minimum expression to offer elegance without being ostentatious. Nowadays, minimalism is still fashionable and offers us very modern spaces.

The Minimalist salons are very common in current homes where functionality and a sophisticated style are sought. To achieve a room with minimal touches you have to follow some guidelines, because this style follows a few simple steps.

Bright spaces

One of the most common things we find in minimalist spaces is that They are spacious and bright . A minimalist lounge never gives us the feeling of being full of things and details. They offer an environment that is fresh, relaxing and pleasant. In this sense, the white color is used in great quantity, with small touches of other neutral tones. In this room, for example, we see a room that is not so wide, but that is extended thanks to the use of white, which illuminates everything. We can not stop seeing those Nordic style touches in this room, because the simplicity of both styles makes them sometimes mix.

Furniture of basic lines

One of the characteristics that we are going to have to strictly follow when decorating a room in this style is to buy only the Furniture that has basic lines . No vintage furniture with details in the wood, worn paint or decorated handles. In this sense we find furniture with clean and straight lines, with minimal expression and total functionality. In many of them even the handles have been eliminated to give rise to furniture that opens with a touch, something more modern and special, leaving in plain and simple furniture. Aesthetics in this sense aims to eliminate everything that is not functional.

Less is more

We always have to follow this premise if we intend to decorate a room with the minimalist style. If we get lost between prints, textiles, vases, paintings and colors, our style is probably not minimalist. This type of Decorations are ideal for those who like the basics , pragmatic people who value design, lines and quality as opposed to decorative and passing. The great advantage of this style is that it does not go out of style easily, due to its great simplicity, and that if we want to modify it we have it very easy, since we will only have to add new details, carpets, patterned cushions, vases and plants to give it a new air to everything.

Always neutral colors

If simple style furniture is important, we also have to put emphasis on colors and patterns, or rather the absence of them. In the minimalist style they only use tones that are basic and neutral . That is, gray, white, black, brown and beige colors. Within these can use tonalities, but also without exceeding, since we look for something simple. As for the prints, they are almost never present, choosing the vast majority of the time textiles with plain colors. If there are prints, they are never flashy and go practically unnoticed. If you like to decorate everything with basic tones and without complicating too much, you will surely like the functionality of the minimalist style.

Quality materials

Although in the minimalist style we look for the simple, this is usually a modern style in which there is room for design details. In many minimalist salons are looking for quality . Without adding too many things, quality materials are presented on wooden floors, large windows, modern design tables or leather sofas. It is a luxurious style at the same time it is simple, since it is urban and elegant halls. In this case it is easy to find rooms that are very sophisticated, where each piece has been searched carefully, even the few decorative details that may be, such as a small vase or cushions. Quality is sought more than quantity.

The low cost minimalism

We say that minimalism is linked to the modern floors of cities, where there are expensive furniture design and materials of the best quality. But this does not mean that in any home we can not have a nice minimalist style that is also cozy. With the low cost minimal style We look for the same sophistication and minimal expression with much simpler furniture and with a more affordable cost. For this we have firms such as Ikea, where they bring us modern furniture and ideas with beautiful designs at popular prices. We can also be inspired by the designs of the Nordic style, which offer neutral colors, simplicity and furniture of basic shapes with which to decorate the living room at a good price.