How to decorate luxury with gold leaf

How to decorate luxury with gold leaf

You may have seen some furniture and objects that seemed luxurious, made or bathed in gold, but in reality they had only been Treated with gold leaf . With this manuality we can turn everything we touch into gold, as if we were King Midas, but in a slightly more false version, because it will only look like gold.

He Gold leaf is a thin film Which can be put on many objects in order to give it a golden patina that makes them look like gold things, but that can actually be of very different materials, from wood to metal. So if you want to add a touch of luxury to something you have at home, you can always use the gold leaf to make it a stunning gold.


  • 1 What is the gold leaf?
  • 2 Where to find gold leaf
  • 3 Materials to use the gold leaf
  • 4 Add gold leaf to an object

What is the gold leaf?

Gold foil foils

The gold leaf is a Very thin sheet that can be beaten gold Or other metals. These plates have been used since ancient times to give a golden patina to objects such as altarpieces, goldsmiths or sculptures. Nowadays it is used in decoration to add a golden touch to any object that we wish to raise to another level. It certainly gives us many possibilities, and is that it can be applied on many surfaces.

Gold leaf can be made in two ways. On the one hand we have the gold of 22 carats in thin sheets. There are also false gold foils that are made from a copper, zinc and tin alloy, which has a greater thickness and are also larger sheets.

We can also To find silver or copper bread , Because there are other shades of metal that can be achieved. Although today we speak of gold leaf, as it is the best known, the truth is that sheets have been created in other shades to give different aspects to furniture or objects.

You can use the modern Gold pan transfer Which have an adhesive part that facilitates bonding on objects, for those less accustomed to using this type of materials. It is a simpler way to transfer the objects to make them golden, as it has a part that easily adheres.

Where to find gold leaf

It is easy to find the gold leaf or the silver leaf in the Arts and crafts stores . You have many possibilities in the online stores, where you will find films at low prices and many places to choose. To get the genuine gold leaf, which is certainly more expensive, you can go to the art stores, as these have this material that is usually used for the restoration of valuable objects.

Materials to use the gold leaf

Table with gold leaf

When it comes to working with gold leaf we will need several materials. On the one hand the object to be gilded, and of course the gold leafs we have bought. Polish is a special brush used to work with these thin films, especially with the authentic ones, since they can be easily broken. In addition to this special brush, we will need a soft round brush to stick the blade, Special varnish Mixtion and shellac To go fixing. We can also use some talcum powder in our hands so that we do not stick to the sheets.

Add gold leaf to an object

Gold bread

In wooden objects it is better Thoroughly sand the piece And make sure it stays smooth. In this type of surfaces usually a red base color is used so that the golden one stands out much more. The special varnish serves for the gold leaf to stick to the surface, so it is essential to apply a good layer, whatever the object. Keep in mind that you have to be careful that the varnish has the proper consistency, and it can not be liquid or completely dry. Ideally, it looks dry but still sticky to the touch. This is the moment in which we have to apply the gold leaf so that it is glued and transferred to the object. With the films that have transfer we can not use this Mixtion varnish as they come with surface to paste.

Gold Pan 1

We must Take the gold leaf with the polish And apply the gold leaf on the surface. Probably break, because it is very delicate, but the imperfections give an old air to the piece that looks great. Nor should we try to cover everything, especially if it is the first time, since it is something difficult to achieve. Once glued we must give small strokes with the round brush so that it is well fixed and to eliminate the pieces that do not stick and are too much. The shellac is used so that finally this gold leaf does not detach with time and stays fixed on the surface.

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