How to Decorate and Make Sofas with Pallets

Outdoor sofas

The pallets have come to the decoration to stay. And this is a really interesting resource. With these wooden planks we can do many things. We just need a bit of skill and a lot of imagination. From shelves with pallets to tables, chairs or even Sofas with pallets Of which there are we will speak to you

The Great sofas with pallets Have become a low-cost idea for terraces where we do not want to spend too much. But we are also seeing them in houses, for cheap salons, and even in cafes and commercial sites, to give an industrial and casual touch to everything. The sofas are actually the easiest to perform.

How to make sofas with pallets

Sofas with pallets

Among the many furniture that we can do with the pallets, we assume that the sofas were the first because there is no need to complicate too much. Actually to make a Sofa of the simplest We only need to stack some pallets that are varnished or painted and sanded to avoid splinters, and add textiles and cushions to make them comfortable.

There is however who goes further and Add backup zone . The way to do it is also very simple, since we can simply put a palet on foot and put cushions as backrest for the back. So we will have a sofa with pallets much more comfortable for everyone. We can do them in a corner or just for several people. That depends on the space and the pallets we have.

How to decorate sofas with pallets

Sofas with pallets 1

Decorating the sofas with pallets is important, since we must Choose pieces that are comfortable And give it a much more welcoming appearance. If we want everything to be in play, we can take into account that the pallets can be painted the color we like the most, to combine with the cushions and fabrics. We must first choose thick mattresses for the backrest and the seat part. These can have different fabrics or we can buy sleeves. On the other hand, we can also add cushions of different colors and sizes, since they carry the mixes in the decoration. In this case they have chosen some of the same in warm tones to match the table. But you have to mix cushions with different shapes, colors and prints. Finally, we can add a blanket to make it more cozy yet.

Sofas on the terrace

Sofas with pallets 2

If there is a favorite place to put the Sofas with pallets is the terrace . The terrace area is not used all year round, so we do not usually want to spend large amounts on it. So we think of solutions that are cheap and simple. That is when the pallets come to the rescue. These are suitable for all types of terraces. In this for example they have given a sailor touch by painting the white pallets and adding motifs stamped like the boats. It is an original terrace and if we use exterior paints we can protect the wood.

Sofas with interior pallets

Interior sofas

Although not everyone uses pallets Inside the house Because it looks like a furniture too casual, the crisis has taken the creative side and many people have made furniture with pallets. In this case we also see a super sofa with pallets, painted soft color to give a more modern touch and with pallets on the sides as an armrest. The good thing about this idea is that also in the holes we can have storage to put the control of the television, magazines or books, having them always at hand.

Sofas with wheels

Sofas with wheels

Want a More versatile idea Of sofas with pallets? Well you can add wheels to the equation. In this case they have created some very industrial sofas. The side safety rails are made with pipes bolted to the wood. In the lower area they have added wheels so that we can move the sofas from one side to another easily. It is a great idea for outdoor sofas, since the terraces are usually more dynamic spaces, we move more. In this case the delicate touch against these industrial materials have put it in textiles in soft colors, and the result is great.

Storage on sofas with pallets

Sofas with pallets

Something that always worries us at home is having the Well-ordered things . The storage is very important in any room, and the pallets can give us a great service in this sense. As we saw before, they can use the armrests made with pallets to have a place in which to leave the magazines. Also inside the holes left in the pallet we can put magazines and other things. We can even add some wicker boxes that are decorative and at the same time they will serve to save even smaller things. The ideas are very varied when working with pallets.

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