How to create rustic patios at home

Rustic Patios

If you want to give a new air to the outside area of ​​your home , you will surely like the idea of ​​rustic patios. Those patios where we see a rustic touch in the materials, in the furniture and the style. We all like this style in greater or lesser measure for several reasons, and is that it is out of fashion and cozy. So take note of everything you should include in your patio so you have that rustic touch so beautiful.

He rustic style is one of those incombustible styles that we can see again and again. So now you have to adapt it to our outdoor patio. In the outside area we can also add furniture to decorative details, as well as take into account the materials, being the rustic style ideal for its durability.


  • 1 Materials in rustic patios
  • 2 Rustic patio furniture
  • 3 Rustic chic style
  • 4 Pergolas for the rustic patio
  • 5 Decorative details in the rustic patio

Materials in rustic patios

Wood in the yard

In the rustic style are used some certain materials , to give that touch of field. In the case of the patio we also talk about materials that are durable. For the exterior in case you have to coat the walls and create the floor, we can use the rustic-looking stone, as it is one of those elements that alone creates an environment. These stones are perfect for creating a terrace or a path between the garden area and the plants.

Another of the materials that will not be missing in the rustic patios is wood . The wood is perfect for furniture, but we can also include wooden trunks to make pots, or stairs in the most rustic. Wood can be a good element for a floor in a terrace area, and is that it always brings warmth, but it should be used in darker shades, since it is the one that most combines with the rustic spaces.

Nowadays a material that can be used perfectly in rustic environments has become fashionable. We are talking wicker , because any piece that brings that natural touch is welcome in this style. There are many ways to add wicker in the patio, from small storage baskets to a carpet to the terrace, as well as furniture in this material.

Another material that may be ideal for this type of spaces is the forge to. Forging furniture has a country style but elegant at the same time, so you can include perfectly in a rustic environment that we want to give that sophisticated style.

Rustic patio furniture

Wood Furniture

The furniture is very important when giving a rustic look to the patio. Wooden furniture is the most common in these cases, but nowadays there are more alternatives, and is that the quality of outdoor materials is increasing. We can find wicker furniture with vintage touches , and also forge. Although if we do not want to fail, certainly the wood is a safe bet for the furniture of the rustic patios.

Rustic chic style

Sometimes this rustic style frets of rude, and for this reason there are forms of make it more sophisticated . Nice textiles, as well as adding materials that are slightly lighter than wood can help. Glass and metal candleholders for decorating, a forging table or glass lamps are elements that can create a rustic chic. Textiles are also important in this case and it is that they help us dress the patio area. A pretty flower tablecloth with a country style, colorful cushions and light fabrics can also give that chic touch to everything.

Pergolas for the rustic patio


There is one element that we like very much for create that rustic patio , and it is the pergolas. The pergola creates a more intimate atmosphere and if we add them in wood they will combine perfectly with the rest of the elements. These pergolas are perfect to protect us from the sun and we can also let them grow climbing plants, which gives a natural touch and field to everything. It is an element that we must take into account if there are many months of sunshine where we live, because besides being very beautiful, we will be very useful.

Decorative details in the rustic patio

Rustic Patios

The details are usually what makes the difference when decorating the spaces. In the case of rustic environments, we can add many natural plants as well as fun details, such as a wooden trunk as a table. The vintage touches give the rustic style a very romantic charm, so we can add forging cages and tools that are old. On the other hand, we should not forget textiles, with prints such as paintings and flowers, which are classic and combine well with this style.

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