How to create a reading corner in your home


If your house allows you because it is wide enough, it is advisable to have a space inside the home in which to be able to leave aside the problems of the day to day and to be able to submerge for a few minutes in the fantastic history of a book. For this, said reading area should be a quiet, relaxing, noise-free space with a warm light. With these tips and ideas so easy and simple that I will give you then you can decorate the area of ​​the house you want and turn it into a wonderful corner of reading.

Choice of zone

The first thing to do is choose the part of the house where you are going to create that reading corner. As I mentioned before should be a space as quiet and bright as possible so you should be near a window and away from noise as is the case of the TV in the living room. The normal thing is to choose a corner that helps to break the monotony of the decoration and help create a dynamic and personal space.


Auxiliary table

The side table is essential in any corner of reading since you can leave different objects such as a cup of coffee, a small lamp or the book you are reading. Apart from buying new you have the option to recycle and make it yourself. If you're a handyman, Do not hesitate and start to create your own little table to put in your reading corner.


Another quite important aspect when decorating this space is lighting. The corner should be a very well lit place with a warm and intimate light. You can choose to put a nice floor lamp that illuminates the area in which you read. You can also put a small lamp with focus so you can read without problems and do not bother others.



It is important to make this area of ​​the house as comfortable as possible and enjoy this form of a magnificent reading. You can put it from a pouf, an armchair or a rocking chair. You have a lot to choose from as long as it helps you to be relaxed and as comfortable as possible. Do not forget to put some good cushions to get much more comfort in the reading corner. However you do not need to load up on the space because with a good chair you do not need anything else to immerse yourself in the wonderful world of reading.


Painted paper

The wallpaper will help you give personality to the room and make it an important area of ​​the house. Choose a wallpaper that matches perfectly with the rest of the decor of the house. Besides the wallpaper, you can choose to paint the reading area with a color that is dark and help to give privacy to the corner. The important thing is to give it presence and your touch to that place of the house.


An accessory that can come in handy for your reading corner is a shelf in which to place some books that you want to read. If you do not want to overcharge this stay you can opt for a nice wooden shelf that completes the decoration of the place. Besides being an essential element to store and save your books will help you give a literary touch to that corner of the house.


Decorative wall

To give your reading space some intimacy you can decorate the wall with elements as interesting as photographs, drawings of your children or paintings. In this way you will create a space where you feel very comfortable to enjoy a few minutes a day of your reading time. With the decoration of the wall you can give personality to this space and distinguish it from the rest of the room.


Whether it's winter or summer, you can put a wonderful rug on the floor of that reading corner to get a nice and relaxing place. If it is cold, the carpet will help you to get a warm and comfortable place While if it is summer you can opt for a light carpet that will help you to be barefoot and as comfortable as possible while you are reading your favorite book.


I hope you have taken good note of all these tips I have given you and get your own reading space in which to be able to get away from your day-to-day problems. If you have plenty of space in the house do not hesitate to create such a stay And to be able to have your own space in the house where you can enjoy a good book while having some free time.

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