How to clean your home's parquet


Many people opt for the parquet when it comes to lining the floor of their house. It is a perfect material for the house Since it helps to enhance all the decoration of the same in addition to giving a modern and contemporary touch to the house that many people are looking for today.

The big problem of the parquet is that it requires a continuous maintenance and that is clean to avoid that it deteriorates with the passage of the time. If you have parquet in your house and you want to have it in perfect condition, do not lose detail and take good note of the best tips to clean that coating in the best possible way.

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The best products for cleaning

Before getting to work with the cleaning of your parquet, it is essential to know what products are advisable to remove the dirt of such delicate material as the parquet. It is best to leave aside those chemicals that many people use on a daily basis Since in the long term the parquet suffers a lot with them, in addition to being highly detrimental to the environment. As for home remedies much cheaper and environmentally friendly with which to leave the parquet in perfect condition, I recommend the vinegar and the cold tea.

Vinegar is quite effective as it manages to finish with the stains without damaging the wood. When applying it is convenient not to use it too much because you could make the subject worse and cause the stain to become much larger. The cold tea is another natural product quite advisable that will help you to finish with the stains of the parquet of your house, for that you must take some cotton and to moisten it. Then rub in a gentle way and you will see how the dirt disappears forever. With these two natural products you can have the parquet of your house in perfect condition as the first day and without notice the passage of time.


How to clean your home's parquet

The first thing to do is to pick up the broom and collect all the dust that may be on the surface. Do not forget the corners as there is always some dirt left. You can use the vacuum cleaner to remove the smallest dirt and it costs to remove with the broom. Thanks to the vacuum cleaner you will be able to eliminate the crumbs of the food, the dust or the hairs of your pet . It is a device that is essential when having the parquet in perfect condition.


Then you have to take a bucket of water next to a mop. Apply a little of the homemade vinegar remedy and let it act for a few seconds. Then you should move the mop in the direction of the wood grain. Then pour the water and put about half a liter of cold tea. Scrub the entire surface with the tea and wait for it to dry completely. The tea will help you to leave the parquet bright and shiny.

In case the parquet is too dirty you should repeat the washing process at least a couple of times. To do this you must flush the dirty water from the bucket, refill it with clean water, add the vinegar and pass the mop. In the last rinse you can put tea cold and pass the mop to make it shiny. If you see that there is a stain on the parquet difficult to remove, pick up a cotton soaked in vinegar and try to remove that stain. Let the vinegar act and finish you can wipe a clean and soft cloth.

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It is quite common that with the passage of time, the parquet may lose some of its initial color so you can use a specific marker for wood that you can find in any hardware store. Then let it dry and put a tea bag over the night. The next day you will see how the parquet has regained its full color . As you can see, you do not need to spend money on chemicals since with a couple of home remedies you can have the parquet of your house in the best possible state.

What you must remember above all is that the parquet is a type of coating that demands a lot of care and that you can not neglect at any time. Do not forget to spend a mop every day to remove dust that may accumulate over the course of the hours And have it this way flawless and like the first day. If you are thinking of putting a new lining in your house, do not think about it and opt for the parquet. It is a surface that helps to give modernity to the whole house besides getting a personal touch quite interesting.

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