How to clean the oven, tricks and ideas

Clean the oven

Cleaning the kitchen is one of the things that takes us the most time at home. And it is a place where much dirt accumulates when making meals. Even if we clean the basics every day, we should Much more thorough cleaning In some places, such as in the oven, where much dirt accumulates over time.

We will give you ideas and tricks on How to clean the oven , Because it is a place where it sometimes seems that the stains are totally impossible, that can not be removed. But the truth is that there are many products and also homemade tricks to clean this area of ​​the kitchen. Having a clean oven is already possible thanks to some of these tricks.

Basic oven cleaning

Clean oven 1

A basic cleaning of the oven is essential so that the dirt does not accumulate in excess. In the oven there is the problem that if the grease and dirt falls, with the heat melts and stays stuck on the walls or the floor. As it cools, it hardens and is almost impossible to remove. In principle, one of the best tricks we can do is to clean the oven in hot. It should be done when Oven is still a little hot , Not too much to not burn us, since much heat can be dangerous. Spending a damp cloth with some product or with a little soap and water is enough to remove the biggest dirt.

We can also use a soft dishwashing detergent and dishwasher detergent, so that we can clean the oven by removing as much dirt as possible at a time. The Quitagrasas also help , Although they often have many chemicals. In addition, we must leave the oven open after cleaning so that there are no vapors left in it and no odors that can then pass into the food.

Deep oven cleaning with natural products

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Although basic cleaning is important to not find an oven impossible to clean when we get to it, from time to time we must do a deep cleaning. This depends on how much we use the oven, since there are those who hardly use it. In addition, today there are ovens that have pyrolysis, which makes the oven self-clean all the dirt, but if you have a conventional oven you will be getting to work to get a clean oven. The Cleaning with natural products Is more recommended because we are using ingredients that do not contain toxic and will not pass to food. With chemicals we must be much more careful not to intoxicate ourselves with the odor and so that it does not harm our skin or is impregnated in the oven.

Cleaning with salt

Coarse salt is an ingredient that is used for many things. Among them also to clean the oven. Half a liter of water is used with 250 grams of salt diluted in it. With this mixture we impregnate the whole oven, especially the dirtiest areas. We leave Take about twenty minutes And remove with water. If dirt remains, we can repeat the process.

Lemon cleansing

Lemon for the oven

Lemon is another of those ingredients that are used for many things. It has antibacterial and antiseptic properties, and is Natural quitagrasas . That is why it is highly recommended as a natural product to clean the oven. The trick is as easy as squeezing two lemons and putting the juice in a pan. Put it in the oven and put it half an hour at 250 degrees. Steam will remove odors, dirt and bacteria.

Cleaning with vinegar

Vinegar is used for cleaning, but above all to eliminate odors that may have remained in the oven. In this case, the White vinegar Can be lowered with water and use a sprayer for the walls of the oven. We can give a little heat to the oven so that this vinegar will remove odors and grease.

Cleaning with baking soda

Baking soda is often used to cleanse. With the oven still hot it impregnates the walls with a mixture of Baking soda and water . Let it act for a couple of hours and then remove with a sponge.

Deep cleaning with specific products

If with all the natural tricks there are spots that still remain, it may be time to turn to industrial cleaners with chemistry. Protect your hands with gloves and have the kitchen well ventilated, with the windows open, so you do not affect the gases of the products. Usually Use degreasers Potent for the oven. With hot walls it sprays or extends through all the spots and leaves to act. Rub and remove with water. Remember to thoroughly clean the remains of these chemicals that should not under any circumstances pass into the food.

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