How to Clean Stainless Steel, Tricks and Ideas

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is widely used today for all sorts of things. From jewelry to appliances, knives and kitchen utensils. Of course this is a material of great value, because it contains chromium in its alloy. Converts to stainless steel , Avoiding that process of corrosion of the normal steel. We will have a higher quality steel that will resist corrosion and over time.

The vast majority of people buy appliances and other stainless steel For its great durability. It's a big investment we usually make. But over time we see that in this steel finishes getting spots, especially of the fingers and dirt that seems to be removed with nothing. So today we will tell you how to clean the stainless steel so that it looks bright as at first.

Materials you need

Steel is a Little porous material And therefore it is easy to clean if we know how. In general it does not absorb many residues but it can remain marks for certain reasons. By the lime of the water, by the fire and even by the grease of the fingers. These spots remain on the surface and need to be cleaned with specific materials.

In principle we must use a Stain remover that is specific For stainless steel, and follow the manufacturer's instructions. In the vast majority of cases these products work, although of course there are many types of stains and many situations, and we may have to try other things.

Between the Most basic materials Which are needed to clean stainless steel, is warm water, soft cloths and sponges, mild detergent, vinegar, baking soda and a plastic mat if we are going to clean small steel things like jewelry.

Clean stainless steel in appliances

Stainless Steel 1

The vast majority of the time at the time of Cleaning appliances We should not complicate our lives. Using soft cloths is a way of not scratching or leaving marks on the steel, since the scouring pads leave marks and remove glitter. With a cloth moistened with a little soap should remove the most superficial and basic stains. In a daily cleaning of appliances this is what we can do. If we see that the stains persist, then we must use other ingredients. The specific products are the most used, since nowadays we even find wipes to clean these appliances easily, being one of the most practical solutions.

He sodium bicarbonate Is one of the most used ingredients to clean things, and it is not less with stainless steel. This bicarbonate is mixed with water to be used on steel surfaces with a soft sponge. The important thing is not to rub with scouring pad to remove the worst stains, because finally we will spoil the steel and its initial brightness.

Clean stainless steel in pans

Stainless steel pans

In the steel pans the dirt adheres much more. Not in vain we heat food in them and this can stick. Both inside and outside we have to clean them every day, and in this case we would also be tempted to rub with scourers. Avoid this and also put them in the dishwasher, as they damage the handles. Hand wash with water and detergent for dishes. When we finish eating, you can put water in or to Soak to soften The food stuck, and also use some baking soda. When you finish washing them you have to dry them so that they do not form the water spots and they are thus bright again.

Clean stainless steel in jewelry

Stainless steel jewelry also has to be cleaned from time to time, so in this case we must use a Soft bristle brush Because the jewels have small details. It can be used from toothpaste to baking soda by making a paste with vinegar to improve the power of cleaning and brightening. We must use a plastic mat not to stain so we can clean these jewels well. You can also dip in baking soda though it is more effective to rub a little with the brush.

Home Remedies to Clean Stainless Steel

Clean stainless steel

There are many home remedies to avoid using chemicals that harm our health. In general, one of the most used is the one we mentioned, baking soda, which are powdered on surfaces, mixed with water or vinegar to get cleaned and bleached. Another of the star ingredients of Cleaning is the vinegar , Although not everyone likes its strong smell. On the other hand, we have an infallible cleaning product such as lemon, which serves to clean many surfaces and leaves a pleasant aroma, unlike vinegar. All of them can be used on the stainless steel, to then pass a damp cloth and dry.

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