How to clean silver, tricks and ideas

Clean the silver

We all have some silver at home. Whether it's a jewel, a photo frame, or even cutlery, is a material that is used a lot, but that also has the problem that it gets dark easily. That is why sometimes you have to make a Clean the silver , A job rather boring but that will bring back the brilliance and splendor to all those pieces of silver that we have at home.

There is not one Only way to clean the silver . This is something we should know, because there are different tricks that can serve us. Let's give you some ideas to clean the silver you have at home. A job that can be done in one day with the right materials.

Tips and material

Clean the Silver 1

Silver is not damaged or oxidized by changing color. That darkest tone is a reaction to the hydrogen sulfide , Which obscures it, but there are several ways to use ingredients to give it back its original tone. One of the things that we must use are the gloves, since otherwise we will be able to finish with the dark hands. Also, if we are going to use a cloth or a brush, we must know that they are going to get very dirty, that we will have to clean them a lot to recover their tone. Sometimes it is better to use the paper to throw it away than to stain a cloth.

A good advice to keep in mind is to do the cleaning in a Airy place . Open the windows so you do not breathe the vapors of some ingredients such as baking soda which can be harmful. As in any cleaning in which we use chemicals, we must have the airspace always.

Water with salt

This is a very simple remedy but for things that are small. For example a chain or silver earrings that we have and have darkened over time. You have to Boil the water and put it in a bowl . Salt must be eharle and stir to dissolve in water and mix. Then put the silver inside. You should let it sit all night or for hours. Then remove and simply clean with a cloth. If they are small things, it is recommended to use a toothbrush or cotton swabs for places that are difficult.

Sodium bicarbonate

Sodium bicarbonate

With the sodium bicarbonate There are several remedies when cleaning the silver. Some say that you have to put water to boil, and add baking soda. The next step is to add the silver directly into that mixture, and stir with a spoon that is made of wood so that it does not affect the baking soda. Then we will simply have to wipe it with a cloth.

Another way to use baking soda is Mix with lemon or vinegar . This mixture is diluted and used to wipe with a silver cloth. In both cases, bicarbonate vapors can be harmful, so we have to do this in a ventilated place. In addition, the vinegar must be added little by little, because it produces effervescence and vapors.


Clean the silver

Apparently the Toothpaste also cleans the silver . With a brush or a cloth we can clean the silver with this simple ingredient that we all have at home. This is best for small objects, since with large ones a lot of toothpaste is spent. In addition, you have to clean the objects with water and neutral soap before, and then add the toothpaste and rubbing. This is a good solution for those silver objects that are carved and have many small areas.


Another trick is to line a container with foil and add hot water and a tablespoon of salt. This is one of the most used tricks, because it is also easy. We have to leave the objects in the water for about ten minutes and then Remove and rub them with a cloth To make them bright again. In addition, we all have these materials at home, and it's a trick that gets done fast.

Lemon with salt

Lemon is an ingredient that is used in many Tricks to clean the house As it helps remove grease and clean surfaces, and is also good for cleaning silver. In this case the lemon is cut in half and salt is added. This is rubbed against the silver and left to act for a while, to rinse and wipe with a cloth then. This is a good idea for larger, flat objects.


Another quick way to eliminate the black color in silver is to use the typical laundry detergent or Antacid pills , Although in this case also one has to be very careful to use gloves to not damage the hands. Dissolve any of the two substances in hot water and leave the silver submerged for a few minutes and then wipe with a soft cloth.

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