How to choose the chaise longue cover

How to choose the chaise longue cover

The vast majority of sofas that have been purchased in recent times have that great structure of the chaise longue. If this does not sound like this, you still do not know the sofas that have a longer armchair, divan mode, on one side. These are the Chaise longue that have become so popular . It is certainly a couch that chooses the vast majority, but you also have to think about its maintenance.

This is where the theme of Chaise longue cover . You may have bought a sofa and it is clean and immaculate, and you want to keep it. You have several possibilities, from taking great care when eating something or using anything that can stain, to decantarte by the covers of the chaise longue to protect against future stains.

Why choose a chaise longue sleeve?

Green case

There are many people who Choose a sofa for its color and fabric , So that the case does not pass through the head. It is true that if we want a sofa in a certain tone to match the rest of the decoration, it does not make much sense to look for a cover that covers, but in the long run can be something very useful. The problem comes when the spots appear on the fabric. If it comes to leather sofas this is not a problem, and is that they are more expensive but clean easily because the stains do not reach so much to the material. In the case of tissues, any liquid is absorbed much faster and the stain remains. At the time of cleaning the thing is complicated, because there are specific cleaners, but some leave stains on the fabric. So it's time to consider using a case.

You can think about using a holster before the spots arrive on a daily basis, or afterwards, when they have already arrived and you definitely realize that removing them can be quite difficult. A cover allows us to easily clean any blemishes that may arise. In the event that we had to make a new fabric for the sofa, this would cost us much more, so that the cover can save us the cost of the sofa fabric arrangement in the long run. The covers are Remove and put on quickly , And in case the spots are irreparable we can always buy a new case and problem solved.

Types of chaise longue covers

Blue chaise longue cover

We have on the one hand the Chaise longue of elastic fabric . These fit the shape of the sofa, but we must measure it to be exact, because if the covers are large or small can be somewhat uncomfortable when they sit, as they will move. These are easy to put on, but they have that problem, and it is that they do not fit all sizes and we should look at how they look. In addition, if they are large, the effect may not be very aesthetic for our chair and not liking us may not use them. There is elastic and bielastic fabric, which stretches on all sides.

The Sleeves that are put with loops On sofas are usually better suited. They do not close all the parts but they are put like a blanket on the zones of more use and it closes with loops in the zone of the corners. These are aesthetically more beautiful, but as a disadvantage they have the problem that they may not cover everything perfectly and in the end we might have spots in some small area not covered.

In the case of normal sofas, the elastic is usually used, but if it is a chaise longue, the most common is to find Sleeves that are not complete , But they adapt to the areas of more wear and tear. They are like blankets that we use on these areas of the sofa and that protect it. Easy to remove and clean and with a very elegant effect.

Add a cover to the chaise longue

Chaise longue cover

As we say, these last covers that do not cover the sofa completely are simple to add, since they adapt to the shape and Just put on the couch . It's like adding a blanket and in some cases have a great functionality on the side of the arms, with pockets to be able to have the television remote or a book. If it is elastic, then we simply have to adapt it to the sofa and stretch it well so that it is well placed, without moving or loose parts, which would look bad. This can easily be done between several people.

Maintenance of the chaise longue cover

The easy thing about these cases is that they are made in Tissues that are washable . It is better to choose a medium tone, not too clear, so that marks or stains are not noticed too. It should be washed from time to time and put back on the sofa in the simplest way, protecting the fabric of the chaise longue.

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