How to choose removable pools, types and benefits

Detachable swimming pool

We are just a few days into the summer, and there are many people who want to take advantage of their garden. For this they have Ideas like that of the removable swimming pools , That suppose to have a swimming pool in its more economic version. These pools can be disassembled during the winter and their materials and assembly are simpler than those of a pool on the ground.

We are going to talk about the types of Removable pools Which can be chosen, as there are various materials and sizes, and also the advantages and accessories that may be needed for the pool. This to have a removable swimming pool is within reach of the world, and we only have to take into account a few details.

Choose the size of the removable pool

Detachable pool 1

In terms of measures for these pools there is a whole world. Depending on the material we will have some forms or others. In the case of steel, Rectangular or round , The plastic ones are round and those of wood of the two forms. There are many different sizes, very small for about two people or where the whole family fits. Obviously, we will have to make a comparison of materials, measures and prices to opt for the most suitable removable pool.

When choosing the measure you have to take into account how many are at home and also the Available space in the garden. We must first take the measurements of the garden and take into account the shape of the pool to choose the most suitable. In the measures we can see diameter but also the weight that has.

Removable pool materials

Detachable wooden pool

There are several materials available in these removable pools. The Of wood are usually the most chosen , Although its assembly requires some work and dexterity. These are pools that although they are dismantled are usually left all year in the garden, and are also very decorative thanks to the wood cladding. Others that are also very durable are those of steel, which we will be able to have in the garden all the year and hardly are going to be spoiled by the inclemencies of the time.

Those of Plastic are quite cheaper And easy assembly, but the duration can be quite less than the previous ones. They have a plastic liner that is a tarpaulin in which the water goes and usually puts another to the ground, to avoid that it is damaged the plastic. There are two types, the tubular, which have a steel structure, and those that are totally plastic, which are undoubtedly the most economical.

Detachable plastic pool

Semi buried pools

Semi buried pool

In a separate space we will put the Semi-enclosed pools. They are pools that are removable but are put permanently in the garden, being cheaper than normal in which we have to bury it all. In this case the pool is usually covered with wood, which gives it a more beautiful and decorative look. They will undoubtedly be the most expensive and the most difficult to assemble of the detachable swimming pools, but they can be a good choice if you want a swimming pool for the whole year.

Accessories in removable pools

Swimming pool with stairs

In order to buy the removable swimming pools we must also take into account the Accessories we are going to need . There are coatings with canvases that mimic textures, with wood or plastics for the exterior. The basic pack usually is the canvas for the floor and the purifier, which can be cartridge or sand. Sand are the most recommended because of the quality of the filtrate and because they last longer. If the pool is high we should also buy a ladder, which is usually galvanized and lacquered steel. There are also thermal tarpaulins to cover the pool when we are not using it, which also help to heat some water. A spare liner can serve us in case it spoils what we have.

Advantages of removable swimming pools

Swimming pool accessories

If you are not clear yet Why you should buy a removable pool , We give you all the advantages they have. It's a way to enjoy your garden much more during the summer months without your budget shooting. These are pools that are much more economical than those that have to be built excavating, which also have a high maintenance throughout the year. In this case, if we do not want to use them beyond the summer, we can disassemble them in almost all cases.

These pools Are easy to assemble , So we will not have to do works or have to look for permits to install it in our garden, something that must be done with the pools of soil, which leads to more expense and waste of time. In this case it is a matter of buying and installing them easily to enjoy a refreshing summer for the whole family.

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