House with vintage flavor and artistic touches

Vintage flavored house
We start the week, like every Monday, walking through the interior of a house. We traveled for it to Melbourne; There is this Unique and vintage house, Owned by artist and creative director Saskia Folk and her partner, artist and designer Imogen van Sebille.

In a building dating from 1911, a leather factory was originally located. It was just over 20 years ago when interior designer Lynda Gardener renovated it, making it a space of three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Today is A colorful place And unique in that they charge a great protagonism the old furniture and the pieces of art of the proprietor.

Probably this is one of the houses that has caught my attention since we fixed this section and began to visit the interiors of different homes on Mondays. The whitewashed walls serve as a perfect canvas for a collection of furniture and Personal artwork And unique.

House with vintage flavor 1

Housing has not needed major structural changes, but some aesthetic to adapt it to the current way of life and provide it with greater functionality. With the arrival of the new owners the bathrooms were renovated and the Updated kitchen That fantastic kitchen!

Vintage flavored house 2

Just for the kitchen, it would have been worthwhile to show the interiors of this house. I like everything about her: the wooden floor, the finish of the vintage cabinets, the Color combination ... And of color we must speak also when we refer to the rest of the rooms; In the dining room dominates the orange, in the hallway the green and in the bedroom the ocher tones.

Vintage flavored house 3

The bedroom is a space with a great design. Light floods the room, the Wooden furniture Melt with the floors and the bedding seems to adopt the color of the old iron bathtub. And we do not forget the hanging lamps, which together with the floors are responsible for creating continuity throughout the house.

I do not want to finish without mentioning the patio. A rustic patio decorated with light design furniture, Green plants and cages Lots of cages! A fun and relaxing place at the same time to enjoy solitude, family and / or friends.

Do you like me like this house decorated with Vintage furniture And pieces of art?

Images: Derek Sawalwell for Inside out

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