Hold doors and vent without banging!

Locking system

1. Rabbit Ears - Anthropologie , 2. Black weight number 6 - Pib , 3. Bride and Groom - Rockett st George

What Tired of the banging At home while you're airing? Ventilating every room in the house is imperative to the good health of our home. During the summer it is advisable to open the windows first thing in the day, for approximately half an hour. Most do this, finding that airing has side effects and that as a result the doors tend to close at once.

When one opens windows to ventilate everything remains a few seconds in order until there and there begin to close doors that leave a deafening noise in its path. With the Bumpers or doors This problem disappears, at the same time that we give a touch of originality to our home.

How many times have you had to Improvise a fastening doors ? You wake up in the morning, you open windows and doors to ventilate and what"poltergeist"these begin to close. Then, you use what you have but to less to hold the doors, from kitchen chairs to pairs of shoes. Does it sound familiar?

Forget the drafts! The door fasteners help you keep the doors wide open without fear of being slammed. They are practical and can give you a Original touch to the decoration Of your home. Along with the classic designs we can find in the market fun designs that do not go unnoticed.

Subject to classic wedge doors

The doors Made in cast iron Wedge-shaped with decorative elements at its highest end, have a country air that many have persuaded for decades. And that many have used to give a touch of classic elegance to your home. Birds, dogs, cats, rabbits, pigs... animals have undoubtedly been the greatest source of inspiration for their designers.

Fastening wedge doors

1. 2stop- Authentics , 2. Golden beak - Anthropologie , 3. Worm doorstop - Timber , 4. Cat - Catay Home

The wooden wedges we have seen so many times holding doors are another classic that we find today renovated in the houses of decoration. Buy now Contemporary forms , Rounded and not as rigid as those of yesteryear. While the simplest proposals, they are designed in materials such as gum showing in vivid colors.

Textile door fastening

The textile door fasteners have gained a prominent role in the last decade. Probably because we are many who have given priority in our homes to those objects made by hand and we have even encouraged ourselves to create them. And it's just like the singles but Flirty cloth bags , Have evolved into designs that are much more creative and original.

Textile door fastener

1. Top star - Dcasa , 2. Ball of cloth - Home and more , 3. Vintage linen - Pins & Ribbons , 4. Cactus - Urban Home

Sacks made of plain fabrics are now decorated with stars or embroidered texts. And choose printed textiles when looking to give this element a more youthful and / or fun. A trend is also the doors with Form of cactus. Yes, the cactus is fashionable and not just the ones that have spikes and look inside the house.

Bumpers for wooden doors, concrete...

Today it is possible to find fastened doors made in a wide variety of materials. Along with the textiles, stand out those made in wood, concrete, metal and marble. The former are presented in both classical and Original shapes , Providing a natural and elegant touch to our home.

Fastening doors

1. Wood and brass - Demelzahill , 2. Granite - Garden Selections , 3. Paper Plane - RegaPrices , 4. Marble - West elm

Metal door and concrete doors generally geometric forms And are ideal for decorating industrial or shabby chic environments. The marble ones, on the other hand, contribute sophistication to the environments; We find them generally in homes of classic inspiration.

Child lock

To give an original touch to the door of the smallest of the house is very simple. The market offers us an infinite number of doors designed for children with a dog shape, Rabbit, bear, boat, car , Lighthouse... Whatever it is that makes your son crazy, you will not find it difficult to find a door that fits in it.

Child lock

1. Mr Dog - Banak Matters , 2. Dogs with pictures - Catay Home , 3. Rabbit - Home and more , 4. Boat - Distinctly living

There is not much difference between the doors and stuffed animals that adorn your room, except The filling; heavier In the first to support the weight of the door when it is moved by the effect of a draft. In neutral colors or bright colors, will mark the entrance to the territory of the smallest and add a touch of fantasy to it.

Practical and decorative At the same time, so are the doors. In addition to preventing the doors from closing while ventilating, decoratively speaking they add value to our home. One can take advantage of them to give an original, fun, classic or rustic touch to the rooms, making clear their tastes and personality.

They are not objects that we habitually put in the list of priorities when moving to a new home and yet they are not only practical but economic! And we can Buy them with a single click , Receiving them a few days later at home ready to fulfill their function! And you, do you use doors or improvise when you ventilate? What style of butt do you like most for your doors?