Happy home appliances with decorative vinyl

Wall stickers for kitchen

Suddenly one day you wake up and realize that you Kitchen is boring And soda, which has nothing special, and that has become a place of passage in which neither stop. That's why you have to bring that touch of home, with personality, that makes this space something different and to take into account.

What has occurred to us? Well, the Decorative vinyl With faces for appliances, which are increasingly seen in decorations. They are elements that call very much attention, and that can even distract from an excessively simple and without style. Whatever this space, this idea seems great, cheap and simple, causing a great impact for the little work that it takes.

Wall stickers

If you have the typical White appliances Of the more classic kitchens, a vinyl in black tone can brighten your day. A smiley face with teeth is a really basic idea, but it has an effect on the kitchen that makes it a different space, creative and fun. In addition, Vinyls Are very easy to put on, after cleaning the surface of the appliance, and when removing them leave no mark.

Wall Stickers

You also have the version for stainless appliances. These are usually put into Modern looking kitchens , So the vinyl will add a warmer tone to the cold environment of this type of kitchens.

Decorative vinyl for your kitchen

If you have a Household appliance in black , Do not worry, because you also have it in white, contrasting. They are vinyl with various expressions and faces, so that you choose the one that best goes with your personality. In addition, they can be put on doors or on the wall, although in the appliances have a special touch, humanizing these machines.

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