Hacks of original Ikea to renew the furniture

Colors in furniture

Do you know the Ikea Hacks? As it is to make our own versions of the most famous and sold furniture of the firm Ikea, to not have the same furniture as hundreds of people. That is, â?? hackeamosâ?? he Original signature furniture To create a new one with much more personality and adapted to our tastes or needs.

The Ikea hacks Have become very famous for how much fun it is to change the typical Ikea furniture to create something new and different, much cooler. So let's look at a few examples, some of them amazing. In this case we see some furniture that has been modified with paint and vinyl to give it a new touch.

Ikea Hack with Frosta Stool

Frosta Stool

He Stool Frosta Is one of the most hacked, because they are their pieces can do new things. We have seen from a wooden child bicycle to a shelf in the form of a tree. But in this case we show you something much easier to do with this stool. We can give you an even more Scandinavian air painted the moth of the legs or adding drawings of geometric shapes.

Ikea Hack with Tarva Comforter

Chest of drawers Tarva

The Ikea chests are sold very well , And there are several designs in wood with simple lines, to which you can get much use. The comfortable Tarva is one of the most known, with small legs and three large drawers. For in these chests we can paint them to add new handles, paint only the legs, or add wallpaper inside the drawers to fully customize them. These look totally different from those sold at Ikea.

Ikea Hack with the Comfortable Rast

Chest of drawers

The Comfortable Rast Is very similar to the previous one, but without the empty part underneath. It is more compact, without legs, and also has three drawers. This chest of drawers has also been modified to give rise to totally different furniture. The first thing you can do is buy handles to replace the original wood, to give a little more sophistication with some metal. Then you can paint the dresser or add wallpaper to the drawers in the front area. As you can see it is a new furniture and that adapts to our tastes and the style of our spaces.

Ikea Hack with Skurar Planter

Flower pot

These Skurar flowerpots are very famous , And everyone has them in small corners of the house. With candles or with flowers are a low cost pretty planters with a delicate Nordic style that combines in any space. The planters can be painted to make them different, but in this case the change comes from the use they give. They use the beautiful planters to make some original lamps for a kitchen. Lamps ideal for a romantic style.

Ikea Hack with the Fruit Bowl Trading

Frutero Trading

We have another idea to create a totally new and also very modern lamp. He Frutero Trading Is very nice, but this use is much better for spaces. It is a metal fruit bowl that can be painted and is a great lamp with a modern and fresh design. They have certainly been successful in making a very nice hack.

Hack of Ikea with the Kallax bookcase

Kallax Shelf

The range of Shelves Kallax Are very simple. White shelves with very basic lines that lend themselves to all types of Ikea hacks. We have a bookcase converted into an armchair for the entrance of the house. Not only does it serve as a makeshift couch, but it is also ideal for storing things underneath or leaving the shoes classified when you get home. For children we have the idea of ​​turning the bookcase into a dollhouse with all the rooms.

Ikea Hack with Trofast Box

Trofast Box

The Storage boxes Trofast Serve to keep everything in the home. But in this case a whole piece of furniture has been mounted on the wall for storage. In addition it is a very modern furniture, which have been given a certain design by turning some boxes to give the feeling that it is a wall.

Ikea Hack with Vase Rektangel

Vase Rektangel

This is even more complicated. We refer to using the Recktangel vase to make a whole Design wall modern. Of course you have to know how to build all kinds of things to do something like this, but the effect is spectacular.

Ikea Hack with Kura Bed

Kura bed

The Kura bed by Ikea Is one of the most hacked children's furniture of all. With this two-story bed can be made many different structures, some even fantasy. In this case we find a bed converted into a castle with all kinds of details.

Kura Bed 1

This Kura bed has become a Fire truck , For the more adventurous kids. It has the bed at the top and the play area at the bottom, and it does not lack anything.

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