Glass walls, gain amplitude and luminosity

Crystal Walls

We are accustomed to having our homes compartmentalized, to the presence of partitions between room and room. However, the trend invites us to bet on open spaces in areas where privacy is not a condition. The glass walls become a great ally to find the balance between both alternatives.

The glass walls visually unify spaces maintaining a physical limit between them. The crystal allows the light to circulate from side to side but isolates the noise. A feature that is very interesting when trying to create different environments in the same room and / or open spaces to the outside.

Remove walls and let light flood your home. Replacing traditional partitions with glass walls will help create more visual spaces. spacious and bright . By eliminating the physical barriers that impede the passage of light, it will sneak through all spaces, making small and dark rooms completely transformed.

Where can we put glass walls? Before launching to eliminate partitions it is necessary to be aware of the great reform and the important investment that entails. If you are already aware of this, we show you different ways to use the glass walls . You can use them for:

  • Separate from the surroundings in the same room
  • Gain intimacy without losing light in a small space
  • Increase security of certain spaces; stairs, high rooms..
  • Let the outside enter to the interior of our home


  • 1 Glass walls to separate environments
  • 2 Glass walls as a security barrier
  • 3 Glass walls to enjoy the outdoors

Glass walls to separate environments

Glass walls are used indoors to separate environments. By replacing traditional partitions with glass walls, we visually unify spaces, gaining light and feeling of spaciousness. In those spaces in which the privacy is no problem , Why put obstacles?

Glass Walls 1

Visually light and therefore appropriate in confined spaces, the glass walls allow the entrance of light but not of noises or odors . A very interesting feature when it comes to separating the kitchen from the dining room, the office of the living room or the bedroom of the bathroom.

Transparent or translucent? With or without profiles? ... are questions that we must ask ourselves and whose answer will depend on the type of environments that we want to separate. The glass walls with quarters are preferred by many, since they incorporate a certain industrial character to the houses. However, if we want a space to look bigger, the crystals without profiles will be the best option. Both will allow you not to miss anything that happens in the adjoining room.

Glass Walls 2

And if we want gain intimacy without losing light? The single idea of ​​having a transparent wall separating the bedroom from the bathroom room or the office living room, can throw back many. Well due to lack of privacy, or for reasons of productivity, translucent glass walls are usually in these cases the most demanded option.

Glass Walls 3

A glass wall can also be modern, cheeky and funny - why not! It is not usual to find colored glass walls in private homes, but if in studies or offices in which creativity plays an important role. The colors can serve as a stimulus, in addition to helping us to identify the different spaces according to their use.

Crystal Walls 4

Glass walls as a security barrier

The glass walls can also be used as a security barrier, for example to increase the security of a loft room or staircase. We will avoid having to close them while avoiding accidents and falls from great heights. That yes, we will have to make sure to use safe crystals, laminated crystals with a thickness of 4 mm plus the sheet and another 4 mm of glass.

Glass Walls 5

Glass walls to enjoy the outdoors

In the same way that we use the glass in interior walls to gain light, we can do it in the exterior walls. The glass walls allow the exterior light to flood our home, contributing to decrease our bill considerably. In addition, they allow us to enjoy the outdoors without leaving home, being able to contemplate pleasant urban or natural landscapes from our kitchen or living room.

Glass Walls 6

The ideal when we talk about exterior glass walls, is that they allow us open the rooms to the outside. Thus, during the summer we can easily incorporate the living room or kitchen from our home to the garden. However and although we can all see the advantages of having such a wall, we must be aware that a good budget is needed for it.

Wall crystals are a great alternative to partitions; offer us many advantages over these, although they also have some disadvantages, there are always! As we have already mentioned, this type of installation is usually not economical . Also we must think about its cleaning... when the glass walls reach a lot of height it is usually necessary to hire a cleaning service for maintenance.

Do you like glass walls? In what place would you install them in your home?

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