Garden sheds, make space in your house

Garden sheds

With the arrival of spring the Outdoor spaces They come alive again. The gardens become a meeting place: they organize barbecues, games with the smallest ones... The good weather makes us squeeze them to the maximum, turning them into a room more of our home with their respective furniture, accessories and tools for their care.

The Garden sheds They become a great alternative to gain storage space and maintain order. They can also become play space for the little ones, workshop or reading corner. Made of wood, metal or resin, the garden huts are first and foremost, functional.

There are many activities that we can do during the summer in the garden and as such many accessories, tools and phytosanitary we accumulate. When you have a large garden, garden sheds become a functional resource with which to expand our home and / or Gain storage space .

Uses and functions of garden sheds

Garden huts can be useful for Pick up furniture, sun loungers, Inflatables and floats out of season. They are also useful for storing the machinery, tools and garden products we accumulate. In addition, the larger ones can be converted into a guest room, play house or garage for motorcycles and bicycles.

Garden sheds 1

Outdoor booths can meet Different functions Which can be divided into three groups:

  • Furniture storage , Garden machinery, tools, accessories for the pool...
  • Garage. To protect motor vehicles or bicycles.
  • Extra room . Being able to create a play space for children, a guest room, a DIY workshop...

Determine the use Which is going to give you is very important to make a good choice at the time of purchase. Knowing what you are going to keep in the house, leaving nothing behind, will help you to determine the practical dimensions of the house and to choose between different materials and characteristics.

Construction materials

Garden sheds can be made of metal, wood, resin or composite. The metal ones are light, resistant to impacts and corrosion; The heavier but aesthetic wood; Those of resin, of easy assembly and with null maintenance. Depending on the use that will be given, we will be more appropriate one and another material.


Wood garden shed

The wooden huts are Visually more attractive But also heavier ones and those that usually require more assembly. We can find both untreated wooden huts, like wooden huts treated. The former are more economical; However, to protect them from moisture, it will be necessary to treat them with varnish or lasur before or after assembly. They are favorites to create guest rooms, work areas...

Galvanized metal

Steel garden hut

Galvanized metal stands are Light and resistant, Both to the blows and to the corrosion; Although they are not at all indicated for areas with saline air. In their favor they also have little maintenance; Are cleaned comfortably with hose. Galvanized steel with silver finish has a contemporary and modern aesthetic, so they are common in modern constructions. They are also favorites to store motorcycles, bikes and garden tools.


Resin garden hut

The ease of Installation and null maintenance Of the resin huts, make them a great alternative. They are resistant to saline air, to the incidence of the sun's UV rays and to condensation; So there are no limits as to its installation. Most include the floor, so you will not have to do work to install it. They are usually used to store tool and garden tools.

Other features

From booths with surfaces of a couple of meters to booths with more than 10 square meters of surface. The market options are wide and there are several factors that we must take into account to get right with our crompra. We have talked about dimensions and material; But it will also be necessary to look at other design details like what Type of door Has or which type of accessories can be adapted to the design.

Accessories for garden sheds
Depending on the size of the objects that will be stored in the booth, it will be preferable to have One or two doors And that these are sliding or folding. It may also be important that the booth has a window if we want to use it as a guest room, workshop or office. If we are going to use it as storage space, on the contrary, the windows can disturb and it will be preferable that they have small windows of ventilation.

In addition to doors and windows, it may be interesting that booths include Other accessories. Some models incorporate a porch that can be used as a terrace or to store firewood. And there are models to which you can adapt additional spaces: a chicken coop, a greenhouse...

Do you have now more clear on what things you should look for when buying garden kiosks?

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